Signs your life is like a romantic comedy

10 Signs Your Life Is Like A Romantic Comedy!

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

Do you love watching romantic comedies?! If that’s a yes, then we’re pretty sure that you’re living the life of one too! Every single day feels like a page from a fairytale story. Magic happens to you everyday - and you know that for a fact too! Here are 10 signs your life is like a romantic comedy.

1. You’ve had a romantic kiss in the rain, or even better, under the fireworks!

Because fairytales do exist. <3

1 Signs your life is like a romantic comedy

2. Whenever you listen to a love song, you can’t stop daydreaming of you and your boyfriend featuring in the music video.

Taking romance to a whole new level, of course!

3. You probably have an insane social life - and life for you is one big party!

Socialite in the making, yo!

3 Signs your life is like a romantic comedy

4. You’ve bumped into the man of your dreams at a coffee shop, library or even while you were on vacation.

Watch out for Cupid! You never know when he’ll strike next. :P

5. You’re probably living in a fancy apartment but slogging it out to make ends meet.

Because almost every rom com film has a rag to riches story behind it. ;)

5 Signs your life is like a romantic comedy

6. Your bestie is either a friendzoned guy or a group of hoity-toity girls.

And a lil bit of gossip from here and there.

BannerTeal 500px

7. You have the power to turn the simplest of situations into a dramatic one!

All eyes on you, baby!

7 Signs your life is like a romantic comedy

8. No matter how difficult life gets, you know that there will be a happy ending.

Followed by a bright rainbow after. :D

9. On days when you’re sad, a spontaneous trip to the spa or a tub of gooey chocolate ice-cream hits the right spot!

And you’re back to feeling awesome again. #LikeABoss

9 Signs your life is like a romantic comedy

10. You are one person who is true to herself come what may.

That’s what the protagonist women in rom-coms are always like! They stand up for themselves and believe they can do the impossible. You go, girl!

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Published on Jun 04, 2016
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