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14 Signs The Two Of You Might Be Ready For Marriage!

14 Signs The Two Of You Might Be Ready For Marriage!

You love each other, but are you really ready for the M-word? It’s such a big step and it does influence every aspect of your life, after all. So read on to know if you and your other half are ready to take the leap into holy matrimony.

1.  When you think of your life years from now…

He’s right there with you! You just can’t picture life without him.

2. When you think of never sleeping with another man...

You don’t freak out. In fact, you can barely fathom it at all.
2 signs you are ready for marriage

3. When you listen to your friends’ dating stories...

You definitely don’t think you’re missing out and feel perfectly content with your relationship.

4. You enjoy simple moments together

Like watching tv or mundane tasks like grocery shopping. 4 signs you are ready for marriage

5. When you attend a wedding…

You can’t help but imagine the two of you doing this one day, soon.

6. When something good/bad happens

He’s the first person you want to call and you know without a doubt he’s always rooting for you. 6 signs you are ready for marriage

7. You have thought about having kids with him

Don’t lie. You secretly hope they have his dimples and puppy dog eyes. Banner Teal

8.  You love each other - quirks and all!

You’ve learnt to fall asleep through his snoring and he knows that butterscotch ice cream and reruns of Friends can totally cheer you up during that time of the month. 8 signs you are ready for marriage

9. You start thinking about all those “grown-up” things

Joint finances, down payments on a house and all that jazz.

10. Your parents start making not-so-subtle hints about settling down with him.

It just means they approve!
10 signs you are ready for marriage

11. When he’s not around…

You can’t explain that feeling of missing him when he’s out of town. But when he comes back everything feels better again.

12. You can trust each other blindly

You’re secure enough to not have to worry about what he’s doing when you’re not around. 12 signs you are ready for marriage

13. You really want to live together

The thought of waking up next to him, seeing him when you get home or just hanging out doing nothing together on the weekends, fills you with joy.

14. He’s your happily ever after!

It doesn’t even have to be a grand wedding. Just marrying him will make it a dream come true! 14 signs you are ready for marriage GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 20 Little Signs Your Relationship Is Becoming Serious! MUST-READ: 9 Signs You & Your Guy Are Ready For A Long Term Relationship!
Published on Jun 5, 2016
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