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9 Sneaky Fashion Tricks To Save You When You’re Feeling Lazy!

9 Sneaky Fashion Tricks To Save You When You’re Feeling Lazy!
You just never seem to have enough time to get ready properly. You wear the clothes you happen to find right on top of the pile, the same shoes lying outside the shoe rack and sometimes forget that accessories are a part of your ensemble too. You pretty much fall into the category of people who just.cannot.be.bothered. But, what if we told you that if you just keep these tiny things in mind while shopping or dressing up, you could still look super stylish - while still being lazy, of course! 

1. Decide Your Avatar!

What we really mean is pick a combination or a style that always works for you. Maybe crop tops and denims? floaty dresses? Skater skirts? Or maybe only black - from top to bottom. Whatever it is, pick your style and invest in these products. You’ll feel comfortable enough to pull it off and at the same time you’ll slowly be able to define your fashion style too!

2. Wear Shoes First!

2 Fashion hacks for lazy girls

Pick out the shoes for the day and decide your outfit according to that. Sometimes, when you pick out a loose t-shirt and denims, you cannot be bothered about the shoes you are planning to wear and you might go out in a pair of flip-flops. But if you pick out a cool pair of shoes first, you could choose something cooler to wear with it too! Your brightly coloured sandals, for example, could prompt you to wear bright coloured clothes or makeup too!

3. Dress Mentally First!

Instead of trying on every outfit, which we know you detest doing, why don’t you imagine what look you want to portray today and select only those clothes. Also pick out clothes when you are on the move, so when you get up from the bed, or return home if you were out, you don’t waste any time figuring this out!

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4. Always Have A Spare Outfit!

4 Fashion hacks for lazy girls

Running out of time and need to go for a party? Keep certain clothing items especially for this day. A red dress that never fails you, a pair of heels that make any outfit look amazing, a shiny top, or even a jazzy bag or earrings. You know what you can rely on!

5. Stock Up On The Quintessentials!

Fill up your cupboard with certain basic items. From a basic black fitted tee to a printed maxi dress or a pair of sexy black stilettos. Once you’ve got all these things, you’ll be sorted forever. You’ll always have something to wear no matter what. Read this to know what you should stock up on!

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6. Layering Is The Key!

6 fashion hacks for lazy girls

When you’re not sure what to wear, remember the golden rule of fashion these days - Layering! You can wear a crop top on top on your LBD, or a denim shirt on a maxi dress. It’s completely alright to dress in one colour from top to bottom too. You can create new outfits with the same old clothes and look amazing :)

7. Make Sure To Iron Clothes & Wash Dirty Clothes!

This is a basic habit. Don’t forget to get clothes ironed after a wash so that whenever you choose to wear them, they’re not crumpled. Also, throw in dirty clothes for a wash often!  What can be worse than no clothes to wear is wearing dirty clothes...unless, of course, you’re into the whole grunge/hippie thing. Do not compromise.

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8. Accessories To The Rescue!

8 fashion hacks for lazy girls

Do not underestimate the power of accessories. A bright bag or even a fun hair band can make you look so much more stylish! Just toss on a fun or statement accessory and you’ll automatically look like you’ve spent time on dressing up! And it’s so much easier than trying clothes on, isn’t it?

9. One Last Advice!

Spend an extra two minutes the night before to decide what you’re going to wear the next day. Trust us, you’ll be happy with the results. Take some time to put things back in place at the same moment and try to sift through your racks of clothes to wear clothes that you haven’t worn in a while! It just takes 2 minutes!

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