7 Signs That He Might Just Be, Er, Mr Wrong!

7 Signs That He Might Just Be, Er, Mr Wrong!
We are always looking for our “Mr. Right”. In the whole affair of finding the perfect guy, we tend to overlook some facts about him that we should absolutely not ignore. Are you sure that you are with the right person and that you are seeing everything with your eyes wide open? You may be with someone who is wrong for you. These points will help you figure out if you are.

1. He doesn’t accept the relationship in public

He pretends like you guys are just friends, even when it comes to introducing you to his closest friends. It sometimes feels like he is embarrassed to be seen with you because he never makes plans of eating out or anything outdoorsy. When you confront him about it, he says silly things like, “I never introduced my exes to anyone too, you are lucky that you got to meet my friends at all’.

2. You guys meet up only when he wants to

He has made you wait and on some occasions has even cancelled plans last minute, leaving you hanging. He also never apologises and makes up lame excuses like, “some guests came over”. He doesn’t really make time for you but expects you to be free and make time for him everytime he wants to meet.

2 Dating the wrong person

3. He asks of you things you are not comfortable with

And this could mean - sex, money, family secrets, nudes - anything that you are uncomfortable with. He doesn’t just ask for it, he demands it. If he was the right guy for you, he would keep in mind what you're comfortable with.

4. He isn’t the most understanding person

He tells you to not wear that dress because it “does not flatter your body” (even if it does). He constantly questions why you were talking to ‘that’ boy although that boy may have just asked for notes. He still reminds you and talks you down for that one night when you got super wasted. Rather than being supportive he looks for reasons to make you feel low.

4 Dating the wrong person

5. He never talks about the future

“We’ll see where this goes” and “let’s just live in the moment” are his two favourite phrases.

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6. He is not really supportive of your dreams

And he tells you to place your feet on the ground. He tells you that dreaming such big dreams will only set you up for disappointment. You have often found that he has feigned interest in what you want to achieve in life but hasn’t really been there to support your goals, because well, he doesn’t believe in you.

6 Dating the wrong person

7. He often makes you cry

And more than the good times, you only remember the bad times because there are so many. He makes you feel like everything that is wrong with your relationship, is actually your fault. If he makes you cry and keeps you unhappy, why are you in the relationship anyway?

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