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10 Signs She’s Kinda… *Pretending* To Be Your Friend!

10 Signs She’s Kinda… *Pretending* To Be Your Friend!
It’s very hard to trust people these days and great friends are very hard to come by. When we find someone who we can connect with, we make sure that we treat him/ her as a genuine friend. But sometimes, our intuition about people fails us and we end up making fake friends. If you start to notice some odd behaviour about someone, it’s high time you said goodbye to this friend. (For convenience’s sake, the friend in question will be referred to as Deepti. Real life Deeptis, please don’t take offense).

1. Deepti avoids being with you in the hard times

She was there for your birthday, wasn’t she? She got drunk and threw a fit too? She was there when you wanted to just go shopping alone, wasn’t she? But did she even show up when your dog, Bruno died? No, she didn’t. But she made sure she Instagrammed a picture of Bruno and her, no? She’s evil okay? Stay away from her.

fake friend 1

2. Deepti doesn’t want to be seen doing uncomfortable things with you

Like that time you had to go buy condoms because your boyfriend was running late or that time you had to wear that ugly sweater that your aunt knitted for you. She didn’t say anything but she backed off from doing these things with you because she didn’t want to be embarrassed. You deserve a better friend than Deepti.

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3. Deepti spills your secrets

On more than one occasion you have found Deepti gossiping about you. When you confronted her, she casually said that she leaves the juicy bits out. All your secrets are classified and she has no business going around telling it to the world.

fake friend 3

4. Deepti never takes a stand

Even if you are right. She doesn’t believe in how firm your decisions are and she will rather let you stand alone in the rain than share her umbrella with you (metaphorically and literally).

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5. Deepti is jealous of you

You’ve caught her staring at your red dress with intent. And that would be completely fine if you hadn't seen her staring at your boyfriend the same way. Don’t deny it. She’s totally jealous of you and you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

fake friend 5

6. Deepti does pretentious things to prove her friendship to you

So you went out with her to grab one beer right, one simple pint of beer? What did she do then? She shared a picture of you and herself on every other social media site proclaiming your never-ending friendship to the world, correct? The caption probably read, “Crazy girls night out, just me and my bestie”. Come on, you’re smarter than that, aren’t you? Deepti doesn’t deserve you.

7. Deepti doesn’t know anything about you

Does Deepti know your favorite color? Or your favourite song? Your mother’s name? Nothing? Well, she clearly just wants something from you, okay? Cut her out.

fake friend 7

8. Deepti is all about the big talks

She really talks the talk and hopelessly stumbles when she has to walk the walk. She gives you advice but won't ever follow it herself. Her heels aren’t helping her either.

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9. Deepti does not believe in tough love

You know how your real friends are sometimes real nasty to you because they genuinely want you to grow and become stronger? Not Deepti though. She’s just plain mean to you, mostly without cause too.

fake friend 9

10. Deepti will try to break your genuine friendships

She will force her way into your circle. She won’t care if any of the people in the circle actually even like her. Once in, she will spread the nastiness like an ugly virus. Don't let Deepti ruin your other friendships.

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