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Shahid-Mira’s *Adorable* Story From Newlyweds To Parents-To-Be!

Shahid-Mira’s *Adorable* Story From Newlyweds To Parents-To-Be!
They got married on the 7th of July, 2015 and less than a year later they are expecting their first baby! Yes, we are talking about Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput and their love story that’s nothing short of a fairytale. She was the girl next door, he the Bollywood superstar, their meeting was arranged but now when we look at them, you can actually see just how adorable and in love Shahid-Mira are.

1. The first time we saw them together

shahid-mira story 1

Image: Shahid Kapoor on Instagram

...Was at their wedding! And Shahid couldn’t stop fooling around with his bride. ;)

2. They’re always holding hands!

shahid-mira story 2

Image: Myfashgram on Instagram

From airport to dinner dates and social gathering, he never ever lets go of her hand …awwww!

3. It’s not the occasion, it’s the selfie that counts!

shahid-mira story 3

Image: Shahid Kapoor on Instagram

Shahid and Mira are forever taking the most adorable selfies! And they look so happy together in each one of them!

4. Look at them giving us some major relationship goals…

shahid-mira story 4

Image: Justabollywoodlover on Instagram

Such a beautiful moment…Can’t you feel the love?!

5. They make the most stylish appearances too!

shahid-mira story 5

Image: Ks_designss on Instagram

Ooh, they left us awestruck at Preity Zinta’s reception. They look stunning, don’t they?!

6. They even went for a ‘babymoon’!

shahid-mira story 6

Image: Itsbollywoodtime on Instagram

Now that’s how every husband needs to pamper his expectant wife! This one’s a click on their way back from the Maldives ‘babymoon’.

7. Parenting goals be like this…

shahid-mira story 7

Image: Lifeisshahid on Instagram

This excerpt from a recent interview says it all! Mira downloaded a parenting app on his phone and Shahid is taking it very, very seriously!

Lots of kisses and best wishes to this adorable couple. Can’t wait for Junior Shahid-Mira to arrive this September!

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