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7 Totally Awesome Ways Your Life Changes After The Wedding!

7 Totally Awesome Ways Your Life Changes After The Wedding!
Regardless of how you chilled out you both were are as a couple before the wedding, you have to deal with a few changes after it. And while you will go back to being the ‘chill couple’ later, the first year of marriage brings it’s own set of sweet changes. So if you’re a newlywed couple, you’re definitely going to see these (happy) shaadi ke side effects!

1. You gain a new set of parents, and siblings, and uncles, and aunts

...You get the idea. So now you make two sets of phone calls each day, just to check in!

1 shaadi ke side effects

2. Your social calendar is full

Sometimes it’s your friends, sometimes it’s your family. Rest assured you are going to be in great demand, socially, after the wedding. Everyone wants to meet the newlyweds!

3. You get to eat delicious food. All. The. Time!

Because you get invitations from all your relatives (both sides!). The only downside: those pants are getting a bit tight.

4. Your days are full

...Of love and work. You can’t wait to finish off work so you can hang with your ‘better half’.

4 shaadi ke side effects

5. Double the birthdays…

And double the cake, but also double the gifts you have to give!


6. Your friends want to hang out at your place on the weekends

Now that you are married, you no longer have to suffer through the bacchalog-wala rules and anything can happen at your place. Party on!

7. You’re now a ‘responsible adult’ of the family

...Or at least people like to believe so! Suddenly you are being consulted on important family decisions, your status in the family rises and all the kids look up to you.

7 shaadi ke side effects

Psst: While it’s a daily struggle to remember that you are now husband-wife and not boyfriend-girlfriend anymore, the early years of marriage are actually quite magical!

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