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9 Sex Questions You *Can’t* Ask Your Boyfriend... Answered!

9 Sex Questions You *Can’t* Ask Your Boyfriend... Answered!
He is your boyfriend, and there is absolutely nothing that you cannot discuss with him, right? Um, yes and no. Yes, because you can and you should be able to talk to him about everything. And no, because there are a few sex questions that you can’t ask even him. So we are answering 9 such questions here!

1. “Is it okay to fantasize about someone else other than your partner during sex?”

We understand that as you near an orgasm, you lose control over what your mind screens and strange faces pop up. Having said that, fantasizing about someone else during sex is okay only as long as it’s not happening consciously. But, if you are deliberately imagining yourself with someone else while you are with your partner, then there’s a problem.

2. “I always have the urge to pee during sex. What if I accidentally do, some day?”

You aren’t alone in this feeling. In fact, most women feel a strong urge to pee during sex, when they’re nearing an orgasm. It’s actually an indication that their G-spot is being stimulated well. But don’t worry, this sensation passes as soon as you have an orgasm, and no one accidentally pees during sex. (Or, at least, not that we’ve heard of.)

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3. “I am in love with my boyfriend, but my ex was really good in bed, and sometimes I miss it. Is that cheating? I feel guilty.”

There is a fine line between love and lust. You don’t want to go back to your ex or even have sex with him, right? Then, worry not, you aren’t cheating. What is happening probably is that you aren’t feeling satisfied, physically and your body is just craving for more. Here’s what you can do - you can show your boyfriend all the moves you love (that your ex probably knew about) and make sure that your body gets all the love it wants.

4. “My boyfriend cums too soon. If I tell him, it’ll hurt his feelings. What do I do?

Here’s what you should do, then. Instead of getting straight to the “act”, invest time in some good old foreplay. Initiate it, or encourage him, but make sure you are aroused. It’ll help you orgasm quicker too. Or, you can try different positions, say, the one where you get on top and actually control the pace and movement. You can also have a go at "it" again, or just use oral sex to your advantage. ;)

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5. “My boyfriend masturbates often, even when we have frequent sex. Is it because he isn’t satisfied with me in bed?”

No. Masurbation and sex are not co-related, and the number of times a guy has sex has nothing to do with the number of times he tends to masturbate. Men masturbate for a lot of different reasons from unexpected arousal to stress to even sheer boredom - but most certainly not because they aren’t satisfied with their partners in bed. So chill!

6. “I rarely orgasm during sex, but fake it for the sake of my boyfriend. What do I do?”

Don’t fake it, it’s clearly not helping you. What you should do instead is take charge of the situation and direct him to do things that arouse you, more often. Trust us, guys like nothing more than a woman who takes charge in bed. It’s a win-win, really.

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7. “He is a bit small in size, and that sometimes affects his performance. What should I do?”

If his size is an issue and it fails to completely satisfy you in bed - there are plenty of things you guys could try for more pleasure. First of all, bring oral sex into your routine and then ditch the missionary position. You must try a few new positions that are more favourable in such a situation. Size shouldn’t be a great worry, really.

8. “My boyfriend loves to watch um, kinky porn. Does it mean he wants it from me?”

Porn is just wild fantasy playing out that acts as the catalyst to um, help people finish. People know that it hardly has anything to do with real life. Just like a lot of straight girls feel aroused by lesbian porn, similarly your boyfriend could be getting a kick out of watching some kinky action. It doesn’t mean that he expects similar behaviour from you in bed - unless he specifically says so.

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9. “I don’t like giving blowjobs. But, my boyfriend keeps asking for it - what do I do?”

Not all women like giving blowjobs - but here’s the thing about them... They are as much about you, as about your partner. We would only ever encourage you to try it and if the pleasure you're making him feel by doing it excites you too, then that's great! However, if it continues to repulse you, there is no shame in refusing.

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