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8 Secrets Boys ALWAYS Keep From Their Girlfriends!

8 Secrets Boys ALWAYS Keep From Their Girlfriends!
He tells you everything, yes, but sometimes he makes little omissions and twists the story a bit, as well. Why, you ask? Because some things are better left unknown. For whom, you ask, again? For him, for you and for your relationship - or, at least, that’s what he thinks. We are revealing 8 such secrets men keep from their girlfriends, and you can decide for yourself if their decision to do so is wise!

Secret #1. The woman he had the best sex of his life with.

Of course he’ll always tell you it’s you, he would be crazy if he took any other name, but if it’s not really you - well, whoever she is, she is gonna be a lifelong secret he’ll keep from you. He doesn’t want to upset you with details of his past that aren’t even relevant anymore. 1 secrets men keep

Secret #2. The spine-chilling feeling he has every time he thinks about marriage.

No, not because he doesn’t love you or want to be with you - but because the thought of monogamy for eternity kinda shakes him up, and well, leads to cold feet.

Secret #3. Little things that remind him of his ex.

It’s only natural that you wouldn’t think too well of these reminders and grow suspicious of them as signs that he is missing his ex - which is why he would much rather not tell you about them and get you worried over something that doesn’t mean a thing to him. 3 secrets men keep

Secret #4. How nervous he felt the first time he got intimate with you.

Yes, he may have come across as being quite sure of himself the first time you guys got intimate, but he was nervous as hell because he didn’t want to do anything that would even remotely upset you - but he’ll always want to keep this a secret from you.

Secret #5. How he hates when you put on too much make-up and start looking…not like yourself!

You love your makeup, and that’s enough reason for him not to speak his mind about it. But he loves you best just the way you are, and not so much when you layer yourself with tons of makeup. 5 secrets men keep

Secret #6. That time when he flirted a bit with some girl at a party.

Because, it was only healthy flirting that didn’t mean anything - but, of course, it wouldn’t go down well with you and he would have too much explaining to do - so he just lets it happen, and doesn’t mention it to you.

Secret #7. The “real” stuff that happened at his friend's bachelor party!

Because the boys went to have fun, and you may not approve of every little thing they did - and because these are his super close friends and so he went along with everything they did too. So yeah, he’ll keep details of those nights a well-guarded secret. 7 secrets men keep

Secret #8. Your friends whom he finds, um, hot.

You know that he prefers a few of your friends over others - but he’s never gonna let you know which one amongst your friends he finds particularly hot. And because his intentions are right and also for the sake of your friendship , you're kinda fine with that too!
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