11 Adorable Ways To Make Those Rainy Days More Romantic!

11 Adorable Ways To Make Those Rainy Days More Romantic!
It’s true when they say monsoon brings out the most passionate traits even in a cynic. However romancing in the rains can be more than just cuddling under the blanket all day (although that’s not entirely a bad idea). We’ve compiled a list of things you can do with your guy when the skies get grey and the trees look greener.

1. Head for long drives

Absolutely cliché but it’s oh-so-worth-getting out to do this. Hop into your car (bike’s even better) and get soaked as you head out of the city. Run in the rain (total Bollywood style) and then head to a cozy tea stall for some chai. Monsoon is incomplete without this act of nonsense.

2. Jump in the pool

As mad as it sounds, just take a dip in a pool or head to a water resort with your beau and you’ll know what we are talking about. Sensuous and absolutely dreamy!

3. Watch a movie marathon

Don’t want to head out? Make your own lounge with pillows, dim lights, and LOTS of popcorn!

 romantic ideas for monsoons

4. Head to a café

Go to a café all drenched and sip on cold (yes, cold) coffee as you watch the world go by. Play a game of scrabble or monopoly and make a steamy deal for the winner.

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5. Go shopping

You can shop in peace as you buy each other some cute rain gear. Another pair of sandals… Why not?

6. Walk in the rain

Head to a park or go by the sea or lake. Chances are, there will be fewer people and the view would be totally breathtaking for sure. Share an umbrella and get cosy, make paper boats in puddles and eat roasted bhuttas or a plate of piping hot pakoras.

 romantic ideas for monsoons

7. Make an aromatic candle light dinner

Just cooking together is so romantic anyway! Treat each other to some beautiful aromas of lemongrass and lavender for a heady evening of love potions - and food portions.

8. Get a bonfire crackling

If you are the old school romantic kind, then try this. Get your own small bonfire going in your balcony or any other suitable place available (under a shaded area, of course) and sit together with a large mug of hot chocolate each! Perfect, isn’t it?

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9. Enjoy some art

Perfect time to head to the art gallery, photography exhibition or museum you’ve been wanting to go to. The indoor beauty will almost match the outdoor one!

 romantic ideas for monsoons

10. Become bookworms

Pick a book of short stories to snuggle up and read together. Then talk about it at length and compare your favorite parts!

11. Take a trip down the memory lane

Flip through your old photos of a vacation together and reminisce those good times. Make plans to create more memories together - and maybe make spontaneous bookings too?!

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