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5 Awesome Themes For A Rocking Cocktail Party!!

5 Awesome Themes For A Rocking Cocktail Party!!
The cocktail night is usually one night before your wedding and is supposed to be a chilled-out, fun function. No ceremonies, no pujas are happening at this one, are they? So, in order to give the night a twist – move on theme birthday parties, it’s time for theme cocktail parties! To-be-brides and grooms, here are some cocktail party themes you can play around with…

1. Hollywood/Bollywood

1 cocktail party themes

Image: Eventalya on Instagram

This one’s an oldie but goodie! Roll out the red carpet, have a ticket counter as your bar, popcorn tubs with floral setups and actor cutouts and film reels to pose with. There could even be popular film dialogues written in every corner and you have the mood going, guys!

2. Great Gatsby

2 cocktail party themes

Image: Blake Entertainment on Instagram

This one can be really elaborate. Feathers and crystal hangings form a big part of your décor, fancy champagne flutes, OTT headgear and you have your theme in place!


3. Bring on the ‘70s!

3 cocktail party themes

Image: Jennysibulo on Instagram

Retro parties are always fun. Everyone’s bound to find the outfits for the evening easily, and the music at this cocktail’s going to be a real party starter!

4. Go black and white

4 cocktail party themes

Image: Betto Gastelum on Instagram

Black drapes all around the venue, white table linen, white flowers, gowns for the ladies and black bow-ties and suits for the men - and you’re good to go. This theme is easy to pull off and your venue will look gorgeous too! You could even have black and white prints of bride and groom’s childhood photos on display, if you like.

5. Back to school

5 cocktail party themes

Image: Zomo0306 on Instagram

This one’s fun for all age-groups – after all, who doesn’t like the feeling of going back to school? This could be a great theme, especially for those couples whose love stories started in school. We just can’t stop aww-ing!

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