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7 Reasons To Wait To Have Sex Until *You* Want To!

7 Reasons To Wait To Have Sex Until *You* Want To!
Let’s get a couple of things clear - you don’t win a trophy or lose self respect if you have sex. In fact, it’s very natural and no one should ever feel guilty about doing it. And if you haven’t had sex yet? It's NOT an issue! When your body is ready and the time is right, things will all fall into place. Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t have sex until you’re completely okay with the idea of it.

1. Your body, your rules!

You shouldn’t have sex just because everyone else around you has already had it. Take your time. Come to terms with the idea and take a call once you feel you’re ready to have sex. Remember, no one has (or should have) the power to force you into doing something you aren’t comfortable with. The decision is yours.

2. It’s all about the right timing

You’ve probably made out with guys in the past. However, when it came down to having sex with them, something always felt off. It didn’t feel right from within. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Understand that the wait may be long, but it will totally be worth it in the end.

2 Reasons to wait to have sex

3. You know what you want

Whether it’s religious beliefs or your personal perspective of sex, it’s completely fine. It’s amazing how you value your beliefs and don’t mind sticking to them no matter what the world says. If sex after marriage or doing it with the one you love is what you strongly believe in, it’s your choice! Be proud of your decisions and never be ashamed of them!

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4. Finding a guy who is worth the wait

If he genuinely loves and wants to be with you, he will give you your space and respect your decision. And if he has a problem with your decision? Well, at least, you know what his real intentions were.

4 Reasons to wait to have sex

5. Your first time can never be forgotten

Regardless of whether you’ve waited to have sex or not, the first time will always be a memorable experience. It'll be something special that you'll always remember. So don't worry about it being sooner or later, but more about it feeling right! This isn't something you want to regret later.

6. Know your basics

Before you have sex, it’s important to have enough knowledge and information about it. Sex education is very important to keep you safe from catching an infection or an STD. Once you’re aware of the precautions and know the basics, you’re good to go - or at least better prepared!  

6 Reasons to wait to have sex

7. Only do it with a trusted partner

By trusted we mean, the kind of guy who’s tested for diseases. Your body should feel comfortable with his. The moment you trust your partner, sex becomes a magical experience. Good luck, girls! You’ll do just fine. :)

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