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Why It’s OKAY To Be The One Who Loves More In Your Relationship

Why It’s OKAY To Be The One Who Loves More In Your Relationship
What’s wrong in being the kind of lover who’s more of a giver than a receiver? It’s completely okay to feel more love for someone than they do for you. It shows that you have a big heart and the kind that’s capable of great love. Here are 7 reasons why it’s completely okay to be the person who loves more in a relationship. (Give yourself a pat on the back!)

1. It reflects on your personality

Being able to love more is proof to the world that you know what it’s like to be loved yourself. It’s the experience that has shaped your character and personality. It’s only natural for you to want to give it all to the one you love.

1 loves more in the relationship

2. You have a kind and sensitive heart

You are very sensitive to people’s emotions and feelings. You put their needs ahead of yours. Seeing them in a happier place is what brings a smile on your face. You are a mush bear and that makes everyone want a piece of you!

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3. You never hide from the truth

You are extremely comfortable with your emotions and you’re not shy to show them to the world. You have a pure heart and you will fight for the one you love come what may. You not only make a loyal partner, but you’re also true to your feelings as well.

3 loves more in the relationship

4. You love yourself

To love someone else, you must love yourself - and you already know how to do that. You know that you are emotionally independent and that is why you don’t mind smothering the man of your dreams with all your love.

5. You aren’t afraid to love

When you love someone, you go all out of your way to show them just how much they mean to you. Your sweet gestures go on to prove how important they are to you. It’s something you take great pride in.

5 loves more in the relationship

6. You set an example

Do you know what a big inspiration you are to people out there? Yes, you are! You help them understand the definition of love. Seeing you in love, gives them hope that it exists. You go, girl!

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7. You draw your lover closer to you

When a man realizes that you love him with all your heart, he might let down his walls, and come closer to you too, if he hasn't already. He will not only trust you, but will want to always stand by your side. Your love is one in a million, and he’ll want to treasure it forever!

7 loves more in the relationship

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