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Haters Gonna Hate: 9 Reasons To Just NOT Give A Damn!

Haters Gonna Hate: 9 Reasons To Just NOT Give A Damn!
If you constantly feel like you’re being judged or talked about, then you’ll totally relate to this. We hope you find it in you to chuckle and laugh it off, because haters gonna hate girl!

1. It’s better to be talked about than to be invisible

We know it’s hard to look at the bright side sometimes, but people talk about you because you matter. Wouldn't it be worse to be invisible?

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2. The hated people are usually those who are unapologetically themselves

And it’s a good thing you are; because trying to be someone else is a waste of the amazing and unique person that you are.

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3. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Maybe you can’t see it right now, but eventually your individuality is going to shine through - to everyone!

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4. Unfortunately, herd mentality still exists

By that we mean that people don’t think for themselves, they just follow the herd as if they are cattle – mindlessly. So if someone hates you, there’s a chance their friends are just following suit without any reason. But you're better than that so don't let it get to you!

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5. It’s lonely at the top

Ever heard of this popular phrase that basically means that when you are winning at life, you don’t have too many friends? People find it hard to root for you when their own insecurities get the better of them. We live in a world where jealousy does exist – never forget that.

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6. Imitation is the best form of flattery

If you feel that people are imitating you (without even giving you credit or complements)  in school, college, or your workplace, don’t take it to heart. Instead look at the bright side – perhaps, they just want to be like you.

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7. The right people will come along

Maybe the people who are hating on you are just temporary characters in the story of your life. Eventually, you are going to meet like-minded, interesting people who will see life just the way you do and uplift you in every way.

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8. Confident women don't intimidate

Find yourselves on the receiving end of hateful comments from guys? It’s probably because they don’t know how to deal with a confident girl like you. I wish that justified their behaviour – it doesn’t. But for now can you find solace in the fact that you aren't the one who forced them into intimidation - they do that all by themselves.

9. Even Beyoncé has haters

Think of your favourite stars, they all are on the receiving end of hate. Not because they aren’t 100% awesome, but because the world is made up of some pretty ridiculous people. But if Beyoncé can slay as much as she does, why can’t you, right?

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