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6 Girlfriends Confess: The ​*Little*​ Annoying Things About Boys!


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We all love our boyfriends! They make us happy, they make us laugh and they make us fall more in love with them every passing day. But there are a few things we wish they never did, and a few funny things they do that end up annoying us the most. Some real life girlfriends took to Twitter to express these with the #ILoveBaeBut hashtag, and it was hilarious! Have a look!

1. When they ignore you because of their social media addiction!

1 tweet with ILoveBaeBut

Image: LovinShay4eve on Twitter

2. Because chocolates are foreverrrr!

2 tweets with ILoveBaeBut

Image: Jasmin Zamindar on Twitter

3. We love pizza more than anything in the world. Period.

3 tweets with ILoveBaeBut

Image: Pizzaholic on Twitter

4. Oh, those annoying things they do!!

4 tweets with ILoveBaeBut

Image: Lindsey Margolis on Twitter

5. When Bae exists only in our imaginations!

5 tweets with ILoveBaeBut

Image: Virulentism on Twitter

6. This one just takes the cake! LOL!

6 tweets with ILoveBaeButImage: Cream Cone Coffee on Twitter

You heard the girls! Now here are a few tweets that GUYS posted with the same hashtag #ILoveBaeBut and it cracked us up!

1. Did you get it? Did you get it? Hahaha!

1 a tweets with ILoveBaeBut

Image: Joe The Mick on Twitter

2. Error: Girlfriend Not Found!

2 a tweets with ILoveBaeBut

Image: Rabid Parrots on Twitter

3. This is a totally mutual feeling, guys!

3 a tweets with ILoveBaeBut

Image: Nicholas_Hope_ on Twitter

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