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11 Things Girls Really Want To Ask Guys Before Having Sex!

11 Things Girls Really Want To Ask Guys Before Having Sex!
Why do you think most girls are jumpy and giggly before the big night? Yes, it’s because they are totally expecting things to take an interesting turn that night, but it’s also because there are too many questions flooding their heads. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little valuable information about guys, before getting um, up close and personal with them? Here are 11 questions all girls want to ask their boys before having sex with them - but end up not asking, for the sake of being polite!

1. How many different woman have you slept with in your life?

‘Coz, well, your experience can help us prepare for the kind of performance we are in for.

1 questions we want to ask guys

2. Did you ever have sex with someone, and then, ghosted on them?

If only we could get an honest answer to this one, we may just save ourselves a heartbreak - because it’s never nice to wake up in an empty bed, after a night of some naughty fun. Plus, it’s plain bad manners and we don’t want to be with someone like that.

3. Are you the kind of man who rates the experience every time he has sex with his partner?

‘Coz that means you have this spreadsheet in your head about your partner's performance - and we're not sure we can deal with that kind of pressure.

3 questions we want to ask guys

4. When was the last time you got yourself tested for STDs?

Actually, all of us MUST ask this question before having sex, all the time. You cannot NOT make sure your partner is tested and clean.

5. Do you um, clean and keep yourself prim “down there”?

Oh, how we hope you do. You would want the same, wouldn’t you?

5 questions we want to ask guys

6. Are you only looking for your own pleasure in bed?

Because, there never was another selfish, selfish act like that. We could be quite greedy about our orgasms too, you know! :p

7. What gets you going in bed?

It’s always good to know if our expectations match, and if we are both equally willing to “give and take” in the bedroom.

7 questions we want to ask guys

8. Is it just a one - time thing for you or can it lead to something more?

Not because we always want it to lead to something more every time, but because it’s good to be on the same page, before we begin.

9. When was the last time you had sex?

Because, well, it’s just good to know if you've been going through a dry spell (according to you) or not.

9 questions we want to ask guys

10. Are you also seeing someone else, right now?

‘Coz we need to know this sensitive information to be able to decide for ourselves if we are okay with what's going to happen or not.

11. Are you the kind of person who flaunts his sexual exploits and adventures to his friends?

For if you are, we might not wish to feature in your heroic tales of conquest, thank you very much.

11 questions we want to ask guys

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