10 Easy Questions To Ask Him - They WILL Bring You Two Closer!

10 Easy Questions To Ask Him - They WILL Bring You Two Closer!
It’s always a good idea to give/get a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to your relationship. Sometimes, the way to do that is to get insights into his mind by asking some pertinent questions. Of course, we’ve got a list of them ready for you. What can we say – we are always on Team Love!

1. What was your childhood like?

It’s always nice to know about the past of your significant other, especially their formative, growing years. You never know what kind of insights you get about his life with this simple question about his childhood days.

2. Who was your first crush?

This doesn’t need to be asked in a serious, jealous girlfriend type of way. It’s just a fun, innocent question about young love. It’ll help you find out what he thinks about growing up and having crushes and school-level heartbreak.

2 questions to ask your boyfriend

3. Who is the one family member you are closest to?

This one may make him think a little, but that’s okay. Don’t pressurize him. Just ask and let him do the talking. It’ll surely bring you one step closer to knowing who he’s most attached to and why. If you are looking at being with him for the long haul, this is definitely important information as one day his family will be your family!

4. If you could choose any actor to play you in a movie about your life, who would he be and why?

Such a fun question, we are wondering why no one has asked us this one yet! And definitely one that can lead to lengthy conversations about his personality and tastes. But hey, that was the whole point of the conversation anyway, right?

4 questions to ask your boyfriend

5. What is a deal breaker to you in a friendship?

What a guy makes of his friendships says a lot about him. And this question may get him to open up to you about friendship and the various expectations that come along with it. If things go as we imagine, then this question may even lead to anecdotes you may have never known. How’s that for closer?

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6. Which Bollywood/Hollywood couple doesn’t fit together according to you?

It could start up a healthy debate about relationships and really tell you about how his mind works. You may want to argue with him, or you may want to concur; the point is it’s going to give you an insight into something you didn’t know before.

6 questions to ask your boyfriend

7. Consider for a moment that we hadn’t ever met. If you weren’t sitting here with me right now, where do you think you’d be?

His response will be telling of what he thinks you add to his life. (Psst...we are totally hoping the answer is something sweet, meaningful and mushy when you do actually ask.)

8. Which is the one TV show/book/movie that’s really left a mark on your life?

We know these questions may seem easy, but they are really not all that simple to answer. Imagine if someone asked you this! Wouldn’t it unknowingly make you reveal some facets of your mind?

8 questions to ask your boyfriend

9.  From all your birthdays, which is the one that you’ll never forget?

Not only will this one be a nice walk down memory lane, but it’ll also give you tips on planning awesome birthdays for him in the future!

10. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Girl, if you’re a part of his answer, please know the boy is for keeps!

10 questions to ask your boyfriend

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