9 Sex Questions Girls Have About “First Time” Sex... Answered

9 Sex Questions Girls Have About “First Time” Sex... Answered
Have you decided you are ready to get down to business? Are you sure that you are ready to do this or are you trying to convince yourself that you are, in fact, ready? If you are unsure about it, take all the time you need, don’t give into peer pressure. And if you are skeptical about a few things, don’t worry, we have the answers to all your questions about sex.

Sex Questions #1 - Is it normal to bleed after sex?

Absolutely. In fact, the majority of women bleed after their first time in bed. However, do not be alarmed if you don’t. Contrary to popular belief that the “hymen breaks”, it really doesn’t, it just stretches. And this can happen because of sports, or horse riding or any physical activity. So, if your hymen has been stretched before you have first time sex, you may not bleed at all. Both are normal and it is nothing to be worried about! 

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Sex Questions #2 - How long should it last?

This one is totally up to you. If it is extremely painful and brings tears to your eyes, this is a sign that you might want to stop and take a breather. Just because your man wants to continue doesn’t mean you have to oblige and take all the pain. Stop when you have to. Enough means enough. But, if you start to enjoy it, there really isn’t a time limit. 

Sex Questions #3 - Does it hurt?

It can be a little painful when you are having sex for the first time. But with use of lubrication and sufficient foreplay, the pain may be minimal or non existent. Take loads of time, be fully aroused and wet, and it will be smoother and more enjoyable. If you tense up, it will be more painful. So relax your muscles down there.

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Sex Questions #4 - Should we use protection?

Questions about sex like these have just one answer, Of course! Definitely use protection. Even if he is confident about pulling out on time - use protection anyway. And make sure he gets tested for STDs before you go in for first time sex. 

Sex Questions #5 - Can I do it when I’m menstruating?

Although this is considered to be a “safe-period” (you are most unlikely to get pregnant at this time), some doctors advise women to not engage in sexual intercourse when menstruating. Your body is already going through a lot and the first two days of your period might not be ideal for your first time sex.

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Sex Questions #6 - Can I get pregnant even during the first time?

This is one of the most common questions about sex! Yes, you can. And even pre-cum could make you pregnant. Be very careful!

Sex Questions #7 - How long does it normally take for a woman to orgasm?

Ahh, trickiest of all questions about sex! You should consider yourself lucky if you even orgasm during first time sex. Don’t believe the movies, they make sex look as easy as pie but the truth is - it takes time and practice to get good at it. 

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Sex Questions #8 - Does size matter?

Again, this depends on you. Not everyone has the same preferences. But we will just put the truth out there - for first time sex, a guy with a big member could be painful. 

Sex Questions #9 - Which is the best position?

For someone who is having first time sex, we definitely recommend the missionary position (guy on top of girl). This is known to be the most intimate position and also the easiest to settle into. Leave the experimentation for later. 

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