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9 Qualities That A Truly *Good* Guy Has!

9 Qualities That A Truly *Good* Guy Has!

You know, how when you are young, it's easy to fall for that tall, muscular, handsome guy with the best smile and deep eyes? But ask yourself, truly, is that all you really want? Will these traits last forever? So look beyond the façade and deeper into him to see if you can find some of these traits in him…

1. Honesty

If, for him, integrity and loyalty matter as much as they do for you, and if he is true and open about his feelings (even about discussing potential problems in your relationship), you mustn't let him go. Such men are of a rare breed.

2. Dream-catcher

If he has a big vision in life and he works hard in order to achieve it, this is a man who will do what he can to keep you happy. Because, deep within, he knows that you being happy means that he will be happy. 2 qualities a keeper should have

3. Selflessness

It's not all that bad to prioritize yourself, but a relationship is also about keeping yourself on the side and respecting your partner's time and effort too. If he does that - life is beautiful.

4. Gentleman

There are two kinds of men - the gentlemen and the jerks. So if your man knows how to treat you right, takes initiatives, respects you and occasionally pampers you for no reason - never let him go. Never. 4 qualities a keeper should have

5. Confidence

Not the eye-hurting ego, but the self-esteem that exudes from the gut which makes you feel that all is well with your world when you're with him. Just hope he never changes!

6. Maturity

While they say it only comes with age, maturity is also about knowing how to behave with a toddler and an adult with equal ease. 6 qualities of a good keeper

7. Believes in family

If his own family is important to him and so is yours, you must know that he will take care of the ones he loves - and that includes you! Family comes first and understanding that is important. He is one for keeps.

8. Faith

It’s a big thing. Underneath the web of words, what is it that defines him? Can you trust him with your love, secrets and life? If the answer is yes, he is a keeper for life. Ditto for when he displays the same amount of trust in you as you do in him. 8 qualities a keeper should have

9. Positivity

Even in the darkest dungeons and deepest doldrums, he knows life is all about getting back on your feet and starting afresh. Keep him close because he won't give up when things get a bit tough. GIFs: Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: If He Does These 11 Things… You Know You’ve Found A Keeper! MUST-READ: 8 Things He Does (Without You Asking) When He’s A Keeper!
Published on Jun 20, 2016
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