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3 Pretty Hairstyles For A Girl Whose Face Shape Is Round

3 Pretty Hairstyles For A Girl Whose Face Shape Is Round

Have a round face and don’t know which hairstyle will suit you? You don’t need to worry any more, we have three super easy and super pretty hairstyles for every girl with a round face. Watch the video and learn these superb hairstyles for girls with round faces! What You Will Need : Hair ties, hair pins Difficulty Level: Easier than a simple braid Watch the video now!!!
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1. Low French Braid

Step 1: Get all your hair on one side. Take a chunk of section from the middle and make a braid. Step 2: Add sections from both the sides to complete your braid. Secure with hair ties. Step 3: Curl the front section of your hair to complete your hairstyle look for women with round faces. Also watch: How To Make Your Basic Bun A Whole Lot More Fun!

2. Braided Hair Band

Step 1: Take a small section of your hair and make a braid. Step 2: Clip it to the opposite side. Secure with hair pins.

3. Twisted Half Up

Step 1: Leave both the front sections of your hair open and just tie the crown section. Step 2: Now, take sections from both the sides and twist them around the crown section. Secure with hair pins and voila! You have a dedicated hairstyle for round faces! Also watch: 3 Quick, Easy, Pretty Hairstyles For The Lazy Girl!
Published on Jun 8, 2016
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