Joota Chupai? 9 Places Your Jiju’s Family *Won’t* Think To Look

Joota Chupai? 9 Places Your Jiju’s Family *Won’t* Think To Look
If you are from the bride's side you probably have a lot of responsibilities at the wedding. Among the many tasks that you have to take care of, hiding the groom's shoes is one that is super important and needs quite a bit of planning. The groom's side is also usually quite alert regarding the shoe thieves and will be extra cautious about guarding the shoes. So obviously, hiding the shoes in an appropriate place is of paramount importance. But fret not, here are a few places to hide the jootas at every wedding venue:

1. With the Nanis and the Dadis   

Elders can be quite intimidating, even for the groom's side. No matter how suave the ladkewale are, when it comes to haggling with the matriarchs of the bride's side, they will most certainly back off. Hand over the shoes to your nanjiji or dadiji and sit back to see the fun.

2. With Papaji

Nobody from the groom's side is ever going to lock horns with papaji, so he's your safest bet with the shoes. Ask papaji to put up a stern and stoical expression whenever a soldier from the boy's side looks or asks for the shoes, and you will see them completely baffled.

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3. In the Catering Unit

Who would've thought? While the groom's side goes berserk looking for the prized shoes, bribe the catering guys into guarding the precious loot. The other side will never guess.

4. Under the Bridal Seat

Well, the bride is as much invested in this as any of you. She's also the one doing the least running around. Not only can she help you steal her beau's shoes but she can use her immobile position to her advantage and guard them right under her seat. Just make sure that the groom doesn't get a hint of it.

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5. In the Mandap

Many people opt for a raised mandap. There is no better place to hide the shoes than somewhere in the crevices or corners of the mandap itself. The mandap is always manned and the boy's side will find it difficult to raid the place looking for the shoes. If possible, rope panditji into the plan as well.

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6. With the Mom-in-law

Well, this is difficult but not really impossible. If you can somehow pull in the bride's mom-in-law into the plan, she can actually help you hide her own son's wedding shoes and it'll be super fun. And the ladkewale will never guess that it is an inside job! Why will mom-in-law even help, you ask? Simple. Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi.

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7. In the Makeup Room

The makeup room is a super secretive chamber where the women disappear from time-to-time and emerge looking radiant. No man can break this stronghold without getting caught. Hide the jootas in this room and allot two young cousins as sentinels to guard the stronghold. Promise them a reward. Even if your adversaries know where the shoes are, it'll take a lot of guts to break in.

8. Outdoors

If it’s an indoor wedding, smuggle the shoes somewhere outdoors but within the venue premises. We are not asking you to literally bury the shoes or something, but you can hide them among the decorative plants outside and just go your way as nonchalantly as ever. It never happened, guys.

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9. Among the Wedding Decor

The wedding decor can actually help you with the joota chupai. Be it the curtains or the flowers, everything can be a good hiding place for the scheming shoe thieves. All you need is resourcefulness and a good sense of timing and you can activate your 007 mode just like that.

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