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10 AMAZING Perfumes For The 20-Something Girl (All Under Rs 700)

10 AMAZING Perfumes For The 20-Something Girl (All Under Rs 700)

Are you looking for the perfect perfume that not only smells yum but is extremely affordable too? If that’s a yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve complied a list of 10 perfumes that every college going girl would love to carry in her hand bag. Take your pick, ladies!

1. Iscents Twilight EDP

1 perfumes for the college going girl It has a fresh fragrance, super cute packaging and the best part - it’s insanely affordable! It’s the perfect perfume to carry to college and, not to mention, the name ‘Twilight’ sounds so dreamy. We bet you’ll smell like a dream too after you spray this baby over you.
Price: Rs 249. Buy it here.

2. Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil

2 perfumes for the college going girl If you love the sweet scent of roses, we bet you’ll also love this perfume from Fabindia. The fragrance is mild and pleasant. Once applied, you’re bound to feel fresh and pumped all day. It contains almond oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E and cyclomethicone. What’s awesome is that the scent lasts all day. Price: Rs 290. Buy it here

3. Essence Like A Candy Shop Eau de Toilette

3 perfumes for the college going girl Wouldn’t it be amazing if you smelt like candy all day?! Well, this perfume can make that wish come true. It has a vanilla, musk and tonka bean base. The bottle is very cute and the fragrance is divine too. Pick one up today! Price: Rs 349. Buy it here.

4. ROOTS & ABOVE Ayurvedic Floret Dust

4 perfumes for the college going girl Do you want to feel fresh instantly?! If yes, then you must get a hold of this baby ASAP! It’s natural and free of chemicals. One spray and your mood instantly gets uplifted. Brownie points for the sleek packaging too.  Price: Rs 400. Buy it here.

5. Zara Blueberry Eau De Toilette

5 perfumes for the college going girl Fruity and fresh is what this perfume is all about. It’s easy on the pocket and the bottle is aesthetically pleasing to look at. Plus, if you’re a girl who loves all things trendy, this is a perfume bottle you need to bring home today.
Price: Rs 490. Buy it here.

6. Versace 19.69 Italia La Paradis Perfumed Spray

6 perfumes for the college going girl This perfume, with its rich, oriental scent, is perfect for a woman with fine taste. The fragrance is divine and long-lasting and the lovely bottle itself is bound to grab eyeballs.  Price: Rs 495. Buy it here.

7. Colour Me Flower EDT

7 perfumes for college going girl Believe it or not, but this perfume has an intoxicating scent and is super long-lasting. If you’re a fan of strong perfumes, you should totally go ahead and pick one up for yourself. It’s time to turn heads in college.  Price: Rs 550. Buy it here.

8. Avon Scent Essence Romantic Bouquet Eau de Toilette

8 perfumes for the college going girl Having a long tiring day at college? Stress not! Just spray a little bit of this Avon scent all over and you’ll feel instantly fresh! The fragrance is floral and you’ll be glad to know that this baby won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.

9. Adidas Natural Vitality EDT

9 perfumes for the college going girl I personally love and use this perfume from Adidas. It’s great for everyday use and is extremely long-lasting. It has fruity scent that smells absolutely yum, making it the kind of perfume you won’t regret purchasing. Trust me on this one. 
Price: Rs 649. Buy it here.

10. Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Mist

perfumes for the college going girl We love, love, love Victoria’s Secret’s body splashes. The fragrance is sweet and subtle, while the packaging is attractive too. It’s the best for everyday use. Price: Rs 692. Buy it here.
Featured Image: Shutterstock
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Published on Jun 8, 2016
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