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Fab Outfit Ideas If You Want To Take Focus Away From Your Boobs!

Fab Outfit Ideas If You Want To Take Focus Away From Your Boobs!
No matter what they say, we can’t deny that sometimes, having a big bust is a cause for concern for us. There are times when we just want to tone it down and not be all va-va-vroom about our precious assets. Although you can wear what you want, careful selection always helps. You can fiddle around your existing clothes and create ensembles that will take the focus away from the bust area on days that you wish to!

1. A-Line Dresses!

1 minimize bust

A fitted bodice and a flowy skirt from the waist down is a no-no? If you’ve heard that before, we suggest you ignore it! The idea is to balance it out. Choose A-line silhouettes, skater dresses and gathered dresses to create some magic. They fall outwards naturally from the waist, defining your body in a beautiful manner.

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2. Matching Co-ords!

2 minimize bust

When wearing two pieces, pick the same pattern or colour. You can pair a slightly loose top with the same coloured or patterned shorts, pants and skirts. They look phenomenal and distribute the attention elsewhere, taking the focus away from the bust. Finish your look with complementing shoes and accessories!

3. Boxy Tops!

3 minimize bust

Anything tucked in at the waist draws attention towards the bust. The trick is to pick something that is slightly loose - like a boxy top - and do the half-tuck. It’ll look super pretty and create a more relaxed and casual silhouette.

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4. Collarless Jacket As A Layer!

4 minimize bust

Pick a collarless jacket to wear on top of your dresses & tops. They give the outfit a shot of chicness and  blend in subtly to not stand out like a collared jacket would. They also conceal the chest area perfectly and look classy. You can experiment with prints and fabrics without worrying too much!  

BannerPink 500px

5. Wrap Dress!

5 minimize bust

Wrap dresses work wonders for a girl with a larger bust. This silhouette crosses across the chest and enhances it in the best way possible. Pick printed fabrics that will not draw any unwanted attention to your breasts.

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6. Dark Coloured Jumpsuits!

6 minimize bust

One single tone or print from top to bottom will visually create a uniform vertical line. They will not highlight or accentuate any part of your body. Choose jumpsuits that have interesting necklines and, as per your choice, pick wide-legged or fitted pants. Jumpsuits with wide legged bottoms will actually balance out the whole look with a striking difference!

7. Camisoles Under See-Through Shirts!

7 minimize bust

Wearing a straight neckline camisole under see-through shirts in georgette and light cotton fabrics will divide the body below the neck in a way that the breasts don’t stand out prominently. You could wear natural-coloured camisoles under shirts and they’ll do the same thing!

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8. Fitted Tops With Loose Jeans!

8 minimize bust

When you feel like wearing a fitted top, make sure to match it with a loose pair of jeans, like boyfriend jeans. Don’t worry about it making your boobs look more prominent. The loose jeans will balance out your frame, unlike skinny jeans that taper down!

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