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#MyStory: We Made Love The Night *Before* Our Wedding!

#MyStory: We Made Love The Night *Before* Our Wedding!
Sahil* and I had been dating for a good four years before he formally proposed marriage. Our families met, the date was fixed and we mutually decided on a destination wedding. It had been my teenage dream to get married in the hills and Shimla seemed like the best choice. We had a three-day affair planned with our closest family and friends. A dreamy resort with views of the snow-capped peaks (it was November-end!) accommodated all the 150-odd guests from both sides. Knowing that Sahil will be around me throughout just made me that much more happier!
While I was not the typical bridezilla, one thing I really wanted to make sure was that our wedding night better be special. Yes, we had been there, done that a million times but this was something else. Like some couples, we both decided to keep our hands off each other 2 months prior to the wedding! You need to build the excitement, right? And that way we would crave the love making a lot more. It was done, decided and sealed. The wedding gala began. Day 1 kicked off with a fun welcome lunch followed by the mehendi. The next morning was full of fun games and family bonding, and later in the evening we had the sangeet. And what a night it was! It all began pretty normally but with all the alcohol and music it had to get wild! We had a couple of performances lined up from our friends and family. Then the dholwallahs came in and after a while the youngsters shifted to the indoor dance floor. That’s when most of the adults had their dinner and called it a night. We, however, were in no mood to stop just yet. It was almost 3 when the DJ himself gave up and the hotel staff requested us to eat so they could wrap up. Internal wedding night Still in the mood for some fun, our friends decided to move to the girls’ villa for one last drink. We all stationed ourselves in the sitting area and that’s when Sahil sneaked me away to one of the rooms to share a moment alone. He held me close and kissed my lips ever so softly. His lips felt sweet and I had always loved the smell of his aftershave mixed with whiskey. It never failed to turn me on. And in that moment, I just couldn’t hold myself any longer. I kissed him back. Nice, wet and strong. His grip on me tightened, he pinned me against the wall and kissed me with the same intensity. Oh it had so long been since I had felt his body against mine. My body craved him. While I slipped my hand inside his shirt I felt him unbutton my top. That night I made love to my finace like never before. It was the best, most pleasurable sex we ever had. And we don’t know when the two of us passed out.
It was only around 6 when I heard my best friend frantically knocking at the door. All the rooms in the resort were located next to each other and Sahil could not be seen leaving the girls’ villa in the morning. It was then that my phone rang and his best friend informed us that Sahil's mom had come over to their room looking for him. They had a pooja scheduled at 7 and she didn’t want him to be late! But well, our friends cooked up some story, got Sahil a change of clothes, did some drama and thankfully he was out of our room without anyone finding out. The night of our wedding arrived. Sahil and I hadn’t been able to even talk to each other the whole day. There were poojas and ceremonies and then the makeup artists arrived. After the jaimala when we finally sat down for dinner, Sahil whispered into my ear, “Thank god we did it yesterday because tonight, according to some weird family tradition, you’ll be sharing a room with my sister.” I whispered back, “Thank the alcohol for making us do it ’cause I just happened to get my period!” So that was it. Our first night was crazy, sexy and wild, only it happened a day before the plan!
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