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#MyStory: Why I’m Not Friends With My School-Friends Any More…

#MyStory: Why I’m Not Friends With My School-Friends Any More…
I vividly remember hanging out with the same group of friends for my entire school life. Those nine years revolved around them. Each morning, I rushed to school to meet them. Even though we were in different classes, we still made it a point to hang out, discussing classes as well as fresh gossip. From meeting every morning to sharing lunch to then travelling back home, we did all these things together. We often continued our conversations over the phone once we reached home. They were my world.

As we all finished school, we all chose different subjects to study. Most of my friends applied for the same college but I chose to go my own way, choosing a subject that suited me well. I wanted to explore the world around me. I knew I couldn’t spend my life gossiping about other girls and discussing nail paint colours. I wanted to pursue my dream of being a writer.

Once college started my friends started feeling that I was moving away from them. They were always telling me that I wasn’t around enough and that I didn’t care about them. But, I did! I just didn’t know how to tell them that I wanted to meet new people and make new friends and that it didn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t want them in my life anymore. I wanted to live and appreciate the small things in life. I wanted to go on long unplanned vacations and explore new places.

school friends started acting weird

It’s been a year or so, I’ve gone from being their gossip partner to being the odd person in the gang who’s “unfit” to be included in anything. It was tough to not be able to fit into the same group of friends that were once my world. I knew it was time to move on. I somehow did not feel sorry. This transition marked the most important part of my life. It has changed me completely.

I followed my dreams and made new friends along the way. Now, looking back at how things changed after being rejected by my own friends, I’m glad it happened the way it did. It surprises them to see the person I’ve become. More focussed and goal-oriented, and living life exactly the way I wanted to.

This experience taught me many valuable lessons, including the importance of being honest with your friends. Let your friends know what you think and don’t try to just “fit in.” People do go through changes in life and true friends will always support and encourage you in every stage of life. Never let anybody humiliate you or take you for granted. Remember, your dreams are your priority. And be among friends who won’t judge you. They should make you feel safe and confident at any point in life.

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