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#MyStory: … And He Proposed To Me On My Birthday!!

#MyStory: … And He Proposed To Me On My Birthday!!
They say, “The first impression is the last impression”, but I had a different experience. When I first met Ajay, I thought he’s arrogant and a bit of a boring person. He had joined as VP Engineering in the company where I was working as an HR Manager.

Later I discovered that he is just an introvert and I decided to initiate a conversation. To my surprise we clicked; we both actually had a lot in common and started having endless  conversations. He would listen to me talk about anything and everything under the sun. Soon we started dating and decided to get married.

On the eve of my birthday, this year, my besties took me for a spa session; Ajay and I were getting engaged in a week’s time. After the spa, while I was having coffee with my besties when Ajay joined us and after a while my friends left. He said that he had booked a table for us in a restaurant, so I went home, got dressed and he took me to the venue.

But it wasn’t just the two of us, most of my friends and family members joined us; I was surprised to see them there. After partying for a while everybody left and as Ajay and I were leaving the restaurant he said we were not going home.

He took me to another restaurant where a table was set with beautiful flowers and candles. While I was still trying to process what was happening, a waiter brought us two glasses of champagne. As I had mentioned earlier, Ajay was a very quiet and shy kind of a guy. I knew his little ways of showing affection, but his grand gestures took me by surprise. So, as he got down on his knee and proposed to me with the most stunning ring, I was happy beyond words.

I know it sounds cliche but I couldn’t hold back my tears as he hugged me tight. The night didn’t end there, we lit Chinese lantern with messages written on them, in the memory of the loved ones I had lost in my life.

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The next morning I woke up feeling ecstatic and content; I realised that even though life had made me a little cynical, such wonderful moments of happiness brought back hope in my heart. He had made so many of my wishes come true in one night. I remember telling him my idea of a perfect birthday; I had mentioned it would be a celebration with my close friends and family and he made it happen. He knew that my idea of romance was a bit old school; having read a lot of Mills and Boon books I always wished for a typical proposal - the guy going down on his knee and the place being filled with flowers and candles… That is exactly how he proposed to me. As a child I would often write messages on those helium balloons and let them fly believing that it would reach the people I had lost. That’s why he had those Chinese lanterns; this was something I had wanted to do during Diwali that year and had ended up crying when I couldn’t.

He made that night one of the most special nights for me because he understood me and my sentiments perfectly. The efforts he made showed the extent of his love for me. It made me realise how compassionate and genuine he was. He wasn’t someone who believed in PDA or showed his love on social media, but that night he proved that he definitely knew how to express his love in the most amazing way. I apologised to Ajay for all the times I had called him unromantic. He definitely broke the stereotype that techies don’t wear their heart on their sleeve.

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Now I understand what my mother meant when she said, “Spend your life with someone who loves you a little more than you love yourself”. All I have to say to girls out there is, choose a partner who brings out the best in you; someone who will make you feel like a princess even when you are at your worst, someone with whom you can share all your wishes and your darkest secrets and someone who respects you for who you are.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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