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#MyStory: How A Bad Network Connection Delayed My First Kiss!

#MyStory: How A Bad Network Connection Delayed My First Kiss!
Pulkit and I went from being just classmates to good friends when we ended up in the same team for a project. The team also included Shalini, and the three of us became best friends. We not only helped each other in the project but also shared our happiness and troubles with each other.

Pulkit was this happy-go-lucky guy who was always be the life of the party. Everyone in our college was very fond of him. During our visit to Rajasthan for one of our projects, I kind of got this feeling that he liked Shalini. In fact, I thought that they were dating, although they hadn’t told me anything. I started keeping my distance from him.

Our next project was in Indore. Since it’s Shalini’s hometown, on the third day of our stay there, Shalini went home. Only Pulkit and I were left in the hotel, so we went shopping, and after dinner started watching a movie on his laptop.

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Some 10 minutes into the movie I saw Pulkit was fast asleep, and within next half an hour I also fell asleep. We were both tired after all the shopping and roaming around the city.

When I woke up the next morning, Pulkit was already up. Before I could get up from the bed he told me to check my messages. I checked my WhatsApp - no messages there. Then I checked my text messages - nothing there as well. The phone network was really shitty in that hotel. Finally, the poor guy had no choice but to show me the message he had sent me on his own phone. It read, 'Hey, I want to kiss you! I am not joking.'

I couldn’t stop laughing and said, “Go, kiss Shalini.” He looked totally confused when I said that. He then told me that there was nothing going on between them. We sat and spoke for hours but  I still didn't kiss him. :P

We had vacations after the project and while at home I started missing him a lot. I wanted to call him but somehow I was feeling a bit awkward. The truth was, I was finding it hard to believe that Pulkit was into me. I kept thinking, “What if all this was a joke? What if he was playing a prank on me?” We didn't talk during the vacation.

After the vacations got over, I boarded the train; Shalini and Pulkit would join me from another station. I couldn't control my excitement when I saw Pulkit get on the train but I tried to act cool. We couldn’t talk in front of Shalini, so, once she was asleep, Pulkit and I decided to sort things out. We talked and came to the conclusion that it was just a passing phase and we shouldn't take it too seriously.

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But while I was sitting there talking to him I realised that things had changed - he was no longer just a friend. I felt like my world was complete when I was next to him. That's when I kissed him!

Internal he wanted to kiss me

Later that night, while we were taking a walk in our hostel garden he confessed his love for me in a rather filmy style.  He gave me a red rose and sang “Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam..” I couldn’t help but say yes, and then we had the best kiss ever.

It's been almost two years now, and we are still madly in love. He is as filmy and I love him the way he is. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

* Names change to protect privacy.

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