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#MyStory: ... And A *Different* Guy Showed Up For Our Date!

#MyStory: ... And A *Different* Guy Showed Up For Our Date!
It was one of those nights when I didn't have much to do and was getting bored at home so I started exploring this dating site.  After swiping left for a few guys I came came across this guy who definitely was my type and the moment I swiped right we matched.

He initiated the conversation and our chat went on till 5 in the morning. It was a pleasant conversation and he seemed like a nice person to talk to. He suggested that we meet the next day. He was travelling to Melbourne in a couple of days and wanted to meet me before he left. I was a little hesitant about meeting a guy so soon after I had come across him on a dating website, but he seemed to be decent so we decided to meet.

The next day, when I reached the restaurant where we had agreed to meet, he still hadn’t shown up. After waiting for a while I decided to called him up. A guy sitting at the table in front of mine answered the call. I was shocked because he was not the guy whose profile I had seen on the app and with whom I had been chatting all this while. This guys was dressed rather shabbily and had blonde hair, this was definitely not him. With some hesitation I went to his table and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “You are not the same guy”. I was so shocked that I couldn’t hide my bewilderment. He looked at me a little surprised and said, “No, it’s me!”

Internal different guy turned up for the date

My heart started pounding and I had no idea what was I supposed to do next. I was taken aback but then thought it would be to rude to just leave, so I thought there is no harm in having coffee with him. I was just praying that it didn’t get any worse.

My phone was about to die, so I started looking for a table next to a power socket. He got up from his table and went to order. Just last night while chatting, we had both shared our likes and dislikes, so I thought he would remember I liked cappuccino and didn’t tell him what I wanted to have. But to my surprise he came back just with his order and started eating, while I sat there in the chair next to him… things were getting weirder.

We started talking, I was telling him something but he stopped me midway and started telling me about his place somewhere further ahead of Dwarka. He suggested that we go there, after he was done eating.

I got the hint where all this was leading to. I told him to give me a moment; I went out and immediately called my friend and told him to pick me up. I went inside and told the guy that since I have to be home early I won’t be able to go with him. Guess what he said? “Hey, if you are not coming with me then I have to leave. I have to meet my dad for some work,” he said, and left.

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I was so relieved but I still could not get over the series of events that had taken place that day. The whole thing was so fishy. During our chat he had told me that he was studying in Melbourne but when we met, he could barely talk in English.

I was so scandalized by the experience that I deleted the dating app the moment I reached home. I cannot put into words, the thoughts which were racing through my mind that day. When I think about it now, the whole situation could easily have been another one of the episodes of Gumrah.

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