7 Easy Tricks To Look Taller At Your Wedding (Not Just Heels!)

7 Easy Tricks To Look Taller At Your Wedding (Not Just Heels!)
Every girl dreams of having the perfect wedding. And when the time finally arrives for her to get married, she leaves no stone unturned to make sure her wedding is flawless. If your big day is just around the corner then we’re pretty sure you’ve already started looking for the perfect lehenga and jewellery for your bridal avatar. Before you go all out and get ready, here are 7 hacks you can use to appear taller on your wedding day. You know you want to!

1. Perfect the Drape

1 how to look taller

The way you drape your saree or your dupatta makes a huge difference on how your final look turns out. If you want to appear taller, make sure you drape the dupatta in such a way that it creates long vertical lines on your body. For instance, hang your dupatta on one shoulder and let your neck and other shoulder breathe. When draping a saree, make sure the pallu is neatly folded and narrow.

2. Get Your Hair Done Right

That’s right, hairstyles can make you appear taller. Go for a high bun or high pony, and wear pretty hair accessories. The volume of the hair on top adds a few extra inches to your body. These hairstyles also elongate your neck creating an illusion of a taller you! Plus, they look glamourous and elegant.

3. Get the Right Motifs

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Whenever you’re picking a lehenga or a saree for your big day, make sure you look for one which has vertical motifs. The recurring parallel vertical lines are bound to elongate your figure making you appear tall and slender. Works everytime!

4. The Right Neckline

An open neckline, like a sweetheart or a V, works perfect if you want to appear taller. Avoid high necklines or closed necklines as they shorten your neck and, therefore, your frame. Deep necklines make your neck appear longer and this will make you look taller. Isn’t that the dream?

5. Get The Right Blouse Length

A well-fitted blouse is imperative and one of the most important elements of your wedding day outfit. Make sure the blouse cuts only a tad bit lower than your bustline. Drape your saree on your waist and not higher. Similarly, if you’re wearing a lehenga, make sure it sits on your waistline. A low waistline with a perfectly fitted blouse elongates your torso and makes you appear taller.


6. Get the Right Jewellery

Your wedding day is probably the only day you’ll be adorned in the most beautiful jewellery from head to toe. Take full advantage of this by selecting jewellery pieces that compliment you. Go for long neck pieces like a maharani haar that has layers and longline patterns.

7. The Right Heels

7 how to look taller

Lastly, heels - a loyal BFF to every girl. For your wedding, make sure you choose heels that are comfortable and ones that won’t give you nasty shoe bites. Look for heels with ankle straps as they stay in place and are high on comfort.

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