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7 Mistakes NOT To Make While Buying A Bra!

7 Mistakes NOT To Make While Buying A Bra!
We might think we’ve aced the art of picking the right bra for ourselves. We can walk into any store and automatically know what we need. But here are a few things that we often forget, and therefore end up spending more money, getting health issues and not being comfortable in our bras. Here is what and how you need to invest more time in buying the right bra!

1. Not Getting Measured Every Time You Go Bra Shopping!

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Yes, seems like a mammoth task, but trust us, it’s the first step to getting it right. Our sizes change often, and we all know that we make lingerie shopping a quarterly event (or sometimes even longer). So get the measuring tape out and start the procedure! Read this to know how!

2. Not Choosing The Right Band Size!

We are pretty confident about our cup size, but what we don’t realize is that it’s not always about the cup size. It’s also about the band size. The cup size for every girl varies as per the band size, so get yourself measured for the band first and then try a few different cup sizes.

3. Not Picking The Right Cup Size!

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So, as it goes, even this is unique to different brands, band sizes and types of bras. So try on a few bras and bend them to see if the cup is sitting or standing up. Insert a finger into the bridge of the bra and if it’s too loose, you know you need to pick something else. Look in the mirror to see that it fits just right and everything is how it should be!

4. Not Looking At New And Improved Designs And Styles!

We know you have your favourite styles - the ones you always pick - but sometimes, the same old styles that you wore a few years back don’t really work anymore. There are many improved versions of the same, and experimenting with them is not such a bad idea. There are super effective minimiser bras, front open bras and molded cups available!  

5. You’re Not Getting The Right Support!

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Let’s face it, bras can get uncomfortable sometimes, which is why we want to literally throw them away as soon as we reach home. But the main role of the bra is to support the breasts, so when you are putting on that bra in the changing room, look at whether the bra straps and the underwire support you.

6. You’re Not Giving Thought To Your Body Type!

You should choose your bra size according to your body shape. For a broad back, try balconette cups, and if you have a wide set, go for low-cut balconette cups. Someone with narrow shoulders should try cross back styles, and if you have larger breasts that are close to each other, a plunge bra is the best!

7. Not Asking For Help!

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Finally, most people are hesitant about asking for help, but those ladies at the store are there to help you out! Reach out to them and ask them to come into the changing room and see if the bra you are choosing is the right fit for you. The advice you get from them is legit and may help you make better choices!

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