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9 Gorgeous Ideas For The Bride Who Doesn’t Want Heavy Jewellery

9 Gorgeous Ideas For The Bride Who Doesn’t Want Heavy Jewellery
Are you the bride who doesn’t like too much razzmatazz going on in the outfit, especially her jewellery? Someone who prefers clean cuts and simple designed ornaments. Here are some eternally beautiful brides showing us how to look sweet even in minimalistic jewellery. Take inspiration and stay gorgeous, always!

1. This Emerald Bijouterie

1 bridal jewellery

This bride matches her pristine peach-coloured outfit with an emerald-encased choker necklace and matching earrings. Though it’s simple and sweet, it stills leaves a mark on our minds. The trick is to choose contrasting jewellery to the outfit and yet stand out!

Image: Amanpreet Kaur Photography

2. The Blessed Gold!

2 bridal jewellery

This bride chose to wear an elaborate lehenga and an ornate blouse but keep the jewellery minimal. The precious gold jhumkis and the simple necklace along with the pendant are just delightful to the eyes. The only striking piece is the maangtika and she still looks fabulous!

Image: Photography By Vikram Arora

3. The Halo Of Love!

3 bridal jewellery

When choosing something for the mehendi, an extravagant headgear is completely fair. Keep the rest of the jewellery minimal and go for a fancy hairdo along with this head piece. It’s a good way to give a break to all the flowery stuff for this function.

Image: Bhumi and Simran Photography

4. Geometric Structures!

4 bridal jewellery

...Like linear and structured designs. Choose a maangtika that has circular discs like this one. It not only speaks loudly, it is so unique, you wouldn’t need to worry about any other jewellery piece. Though the simple choker looks wonderful too!

Image: Our Labor of Love

5. Pearl Magic

5 bridal jewellery

Simple gold jewellery along with a layered pearl necklace as an add-on somehow completes the look, isn’t it? You could completely do away with the gold necklace and opt for a layered pearl necklace with a pretty pendant at the end. It’ll still look grand!

Image: Bhumi and Simran Photography

6. A Prefixed Pendant

6 bridal jewellery

Along with a thin necklace, this bride chose to wear a golden-beaded chain with a pendant. Instead of going for elaborate ranihaars and other layered necklaces, this look is classy and glamourous.

Image: Bhumi and Simran Photography

7. The Tiny Choker!

7 bridal jewellery

A thin choker along with average-sized earrings and maangtika seems like a great idea. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants the attention to stay focussed on the outfit. The necklace resembles a simple bracelet and that is the beauty of it!

Image: The Photo Diary

8. Layered Stones

8 bridal jewellery

If you do choose to wear a polki necklace or a jadau set, pick a design that is as uncomplicated as this. It’s clean and stunning. It surely is for someone who likes to go for the schematic designs more than intricate ones.

Image: The Cheesecake Project

9. The Diamond Diva!

9 bridal jewellery

Carefully planted emeralds along with diamonds is every girl’s dream. These marvellous earrings will leave everyone spellbound and yet the whole set isn’t so loud. That’s the power of simple designs.

Image: Bhumi and Simran Photography

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