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7 Ways To Make Sure ALL Your Wedding Guests Are Comfortable!

7 Ways To Make Sure ALL Your Wedding Guests Are Comfortable!
As far as shaadi planning is concerned, every family goes out of their way to plan each detail to perfection. But sometimes, we may miss out on a few tiny yet essential things that make a huge difference to your guests experience. So once you’re sorted with the gorgeous decor and the grand couple entry plan, do also pay close attention to how and what you can do so your guests have a comfortable and wonderful wedding experience.

1. Airport And Railway Transfers

Since your guests are making the effort to travel from a different city for your wedding, make sure that there is someone to receive them at the airport or railway station. It may not be possible for a family member to be present but sending a car for their pick up shows them you care. It also saves them the hassle of booking taxis and figuring out the way to the shaadi accommodation.

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2. Room Allotments

Now this one gets messed up a lot of times. You must have a clear room plan charted out before your guests start arriving. Make sure there is extra bedding where required, elderly people are located at convenient locations and that you don’t stuff in too many people in one room. Also, for individual guests be extra cautious when pairing them up for sleeping arrangements. Your 20-something cousin from overseas will have a better time with your colleague than your dad's elderly best friend.

3. Some Basics Cannot Be Ignored

For your outstation guests, a few basic facilities are essential. Do keep a presswallah available at all times so your guests don’t have to run around to get their clothes ironed. Also, the women will love you for pre-booking a salon or having a beautician onsite. Guests can pay for their hair and makeup without stressing about how to go about it. Also, if you have guests travelling with little kiddies, do ask them if they need any special arrangements. Imagine how stress-free and happy your guests will be to know they don’t have to worry about a thing!

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4. This Phone Number Is Switched Off!

It’s happened to all of us! A wedding on the outskirts of a city or a 4-5 hours drive from the city? Chances are your guests may want to call you for directions, for landmarks or any other general information. And thanks to your super busy schedule, jammed networks or low connectivity, it does get difficult to get through. It’s a good idea to always have at least 3-4 numbers mentioned on the card. Also, do include the landline number of the venue where they are expected to arrive.

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5. Midnight Pheras And Nothing To Eat?!

Nothing new about the fact that pheras at our weddings get stretched well into the early hours of the morning. And it does take a lot of energy and patience to sit through the ceremony! For a winter wedding, have a free flow of garma garam chai and coffee, some cookies and dry fruits. Throw in a few shawls for the aunts and cousins wearing those backless blouses. For a monsoon wedding, do keep the refreshing lassi, shikanji and sandwich counters running. As far as the food and drinks don’t stop, the wedding party will be glad to sit through your special ceremony.

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6. Foodie Alert!

Now while you do have extensive spreads at your shaadi, why not make a special effort to include a few dishes for your guests who are vegan or allergic to certain foods or follow a Jain diet. This is especially important if yours is a destination wedding where the guests will be staying at the venue for a couple of days. Do ask about their food preferences in your invite so you can make arrangements accordingly. Also, always keep your veg and non-veg counters separate.

7. What To Wear, What Not To?!

Ever been in that situation where you were clueless about what to wear to a certain shaadi function?! Or did you end up wearing a classy gown to a reception dinner while everyone else was in traditional attire?! While your close relatives and friends have all the deets, the other wedding guests are pretty much clueless. It’s always a good idea to mention dress codes, theme (if any) and any other specific details under each function’s invite. It just makes sure your guests are not left wondering and feel like a part of the event.

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