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7 Awesome Lingerie Hacks To Make Every Girl’s Life Easier!

7 Awesome Lingerie Hacks To Make Every Girl’s Life Easier!
There are a number of perks associated with being a girl, and being able to wear pretty lingerie tops that list. Lingerie is an important element of our wardrobe... And our lives! It play an important role in shaping our look, giving that much needed support to our assets and making us look and feel good. But lingerie is also pretty pricey for its small size. Here are 7 lingerie hacks every girl must know!

1. Flat it out to dry

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Somehow, we are always drawn to pretty bras and panties. And we know that pretty bras come with a high price tag. Yet, we splurge on them. Make sure you take care of them the right way so they don’t lose their shape and elasticity. Wash them delicately and always keep them flat out to dry. Do NOT hang them! When you hang them, they tend to lose their elasticity over time, since the pads trap in more water, making them heavier.

2. Fake a racerback

Racerbacks and tops with deep shoulder cuts are our favourite fashion item during the hotter days. If you want to keep your bra straps hidden while wearing racerback tops, then make use of this superb hack. Use a paperclip to pull in the bra straps from the back and clip them in the center. Voila! Bye-bye, bra straps!

3. Stretch it out

We all have different body-types and finding the right underwear that is meant specifically for your body might not always be possible. Before your wear your panty, stretch it out gently in the areas that might need it. This makes sure they don’t dig into your skin and keeps the elasticity from getting ruined.

4. Replace discoloured bra straps

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Discolouration of bra straps is such a bummer! It really breaks your heart to have your favourite comfy bra lose its colour while the shape and fit is still perfect. In such cases, replace the bra straps with new ones. There are lots of different bra straps available in the market. If you have a bra with straps that are not detachable, then cut them off and sew a new strap in its place. It's really not that hard to do!

5. Use clear nail paint to avoid runs

The moment you notice a visible run on your panty or stockings, grab clear nail paint and dab some on it before it goes on to ruin the item completely. Apply it on the problem area and let it dry out. You can also apply hair spray on your stockings before wearing them to make them more opaque.

6. Store it right

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Take good care of your delicates to make them stay with you longer. Do not crunch them up and throw them inside the cupboard, especially when it comes to bras. Always open them up and stack them inside your drawer neatly. Folding them will make them lose their shape and can crease the pads.

7. Moleskin that wire

If your underwired bra gives up on you and the wire sticks through, do not give up on it! Use a tiny piece of moleskin fabric and sew it on top of the area where the wire pokes out. Moleskin is soft, easy on the skin and makes the wire stay out without making it uncomfortable for you!

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