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Why It’s Totally OKAY To Not Wear A Designer Bridal Lehenga!

Why It’s Totally OKAY To Not Wear A Designer Bridal Lehenga!
Your bridal lehenga is as much the star of the wedding as you are and you know it. Months are spent finding the right colour, the zari work has to be on point, and the design and cut have to be absolutely perfect for the big day. After all, this is the outfit in which you will be clicked in on your wedding day and the memories will last a lifetime. Since it's so important, a lot of brides go for a designer lehenga. While it is perfectly okay and a matter of choice to go for one, there is no need to beat your head over one either. Designer lehengas are not mandatory and it's perfectly okay to NOT wear one on your wedding day. Here's why:

1. They are fiendishly expensive

Designer lehengas can be really, really expensive. Sometimes, unnecessarily so. Surely better use can be found for all that extra cash for something else more useful?

1 designer lehenga

2. Your budget can restrict your choices

Since they are so expensive, you have to choose a price range and stick to it. The budget for designer wear needs to be exponentially more, so working within a budget can really limit your preferences. Whereas, if you go for non-designer wear, you can be flexible and settle for really high-quality and beautiful outfits within your budget.

3. You can design your own off-the-ramp lehenga

Dig through your favourite wedding magazines and blogs (like us!) and pick out your favourite lehenga designs. Buy the material and go to the best dress stylist in the city and give them a brief about the cut, the design and the look. This was how it was done a long time ago by pretty fashionistas and this is how it still can be done. Be your own off-the-ramp designer.

3 designer lehenga

4. Don't follow the Sharmas

Ask yourself - why do you want a designer lehenga? Is it because your favourite magazine said you should or is it because you bestie also got one for her wedding? Don't blindly follow fashion advice and definitely don't do it because everyone else is doing it.

5. It's OK to go the traditional way

Where did your mother get her beautiful wedding lehenga from? Some of the best traditional wear we have seen comes from the wardrobes of our mothers and aunts. Ask them about the city haunts where the best traditional wear can be found and you will discover an ethnic treasure trove.

5 designer lehenga

6. YOU are the star, not the lehenga

...Always remember that! If a designer lehenga you really love seems out of reach there is no need to feel bad because it’s your wedding and YOU are the star. Even the most wonderful designer lehenga will not be able to match up.

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