Insecurities men have in bed and how to overcome them

Insecurities men have in bed and how to overcome them

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Ladies, a lot has been said (by many, many people!) about the things women worry about when it comes to sex. But guess what? We’re not so different, after all. Because there are several insecurities men have in bed. Here are a few of those... 

1. About our, um, size

No, it’s not a myth - we do wonder if we’re big enough. But, luckily for us, most of you ladies are kind enough to tell us that we are!


2. Being able to give you as much pleasure as we're feeling

Because you’re amazing. Just being able to touch you gives us more pleasure than you can possibly imagine. And we’re always a bit uncertain whether what we’re doing together in the bedroom feels as great for you as it does for us. Trust us, we have been wondering how to overcome performance anxiety in bed.



3. Whether we look good to you!

Let’s face it - the male body is nowhere as beautiful or aesthetically appealing as the female body. And we know we don’t quite have the supremely amazing physiques of the actors and athletes you so admire. Can you blame us for feeling a bit nervous about taking our clothes off in front of you? 

4. Your orgasm - it's real, right?

We can’t help it, ladies - we’ve read (and heard) way too much about how orgasms aren’t really all that easy for women, and how plenty of women don’t have them at all and simply fake them to keep their partners from feeling bad. So we just can’t help but wonder about this a bit sometimes. 



5. About freaking you out

We want to try out new stuff every now and then - and we are usually very, very nervous that what we’re going to suggest is going to turn you off completely. Or worse: make you kick us out of bed! The anticipation of your reaction is mostly the reason for our performance anxiety in bed.

6. Hurting you…

Sex isn’t always a gentle thing. And sometimes we do get a bit carried away - and then we wonder if we’re going too hard or too fast or being rougher than you’d like. Please do tell us if that happens, ladies! Hurting you is one of the major insecurities men have in bed.


7. Finishing too soon!

And this is the biggest one, really. The worry that we’re not going to last long enough to see you through to your orgasm. This one’s your fault, really - it’s just so damn difficult to keep ourselves from losing control when we’re in bed with you! 

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Published on Jun 13, 2016