POPxoDIY: How To Perfect Your Water Marble Nail Art! | POPxo
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POPxoDIY: How To Perfect Your Water Marble Nail Art!

POPxoDIY: How To Perfect Your Water Marble Nail Art!

Giving your nails a water marble finish may seem like a tough job, right?! WRONG! It’s actually the most coolest and easiest nail art to do in the whole wide world. Here’s how to master the water marble nail art like a boss! (You go, girl!) What You Will Need: Toothpicks, tape, nail polish, Q-tips, bowl, water Difficulty Level: As easy as sprinkling chocolate chips over yummy ice cream. :) Watch the video now!
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Step 1: Pour some water into a bowl. Step 2: Now, paint your nails white and wait till it dries. Step 3: Place tape around each finger in a way that only the skin around the nail gets covered. Also watch: This Magic DIY Jar Can Take Your Nail Polish Off Completely! Step 4: In the meantime, pour all your favourite nail paint shades into the bowl and mix well using a toothpick.    Step 5: Now comes the fun part! Dip your fingertips into the bowl. Step 6: Gently remove them from the bowl after a minute or so and use a Q-tip to wipe out any excess paint. Don’t forget to remove the tape after. Also watch: The ONLY Hacks You Need For Perfect Nails! And voila! You now can flaunt those colourful marble nails in style. Hell yeah!
Published on Jun 3, 2016
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