Kick start your weight loss journey with these weight loss tips from Team POPXO | POPxo

Kick start your weight loss journey with these weight loss tips from Team POPXO

Kick start your weight loss journey with these weight loss tips from Team POPXO

At POPxo we believe your body is a temple and treating it right is the best way to go about getting fit. However, it is not always a walk in the park and you might find roadblocks on your way to getting the body you desire. Two POPxo staffers share their weight loss tips and reveal the very real struggles they faced while trying to get the body they’ve been longing for. Take inspiration and dig deep to find out how to lose weight and couple it with the will to work hard to stay fit. 

1. “I was overweight for almost two years...until I found out why” - Caroline D’Cruz, Associate Editor

As a teenager, I would always be found in the college gym or the basketball court trying to calm my hyperactive nerves. My friends called me “jumpy” because I was always on the move. I continued going to the gym even after I graduated; I’d get a new gym membership as soon as I joined a new workplace. As a result, I was always fit and had a good metabolic rate. This was until two years ago when I was in a major car accident. I became less active and the gym didn’t excite me as much. 0W1A0297 inside How to lose weight A year ago, I was at my heaviest - 62 kilos - on a petite 5ft2inch frame and was forever looking for some weight loss tips. My metabolism went down because I wasn’t working out. I knew I had to do something but had just lost the drive. But about 6 months ago, a good friend invited me to a game of basketball at her colony club. I went, and it was an exhilarating experience. I found that lost drive and I started to lose weight again. I am now a healthy 58kilos and I track my progress with my Fitbit Blaze. It lets me know when I’ve got a healthy heart rate and the amount of calories I burn when I spend an hour or so on court. It’s an absolutely brilliant invention for weight loss!

2. “I quit the gym and found the perfect recipe for weight loss” - Rukmini Kapoor, Graphic Designer

I recently discovered my love for running when I finally decided to quit the gym! After spending a whole lot of money and time, I realised that it wasn't doing much for me when it came to weight loss. I hated the same old cardio plus weights routine. So, I took the plunge and cancelled my gym membership! However, when I’d initially started running, I had no way to track my heart rate, the calories I was burning or the distance I was running each day. It was like shooting arrows in the dark.  0W1A0169 inside  How to lose weight That’s when I decided to buy the new Fitbit Blaze. My morning runs took on a whole new character. This decision single-handedly changed my view on fitness and weight loss. It is so much better to run towards something out in the open rather than staring at the wall and aimlessly running at the same spot on the treadmill. It is not only a stress buster but has made me drop a couple of kilos and the best part is that I actually enjoy doing it. I can track my footsteps, keep a check on my heart rate and keep tabs on the calories burned. Every day I push myself to do more and and record better numbers on my Fitbit. * This is a sponsored post for Fitbit. Buy your Fitbit Blaze here.