Sleeplessness, Backache… How Team POPxo Fights It To Get Fit! | POPxo

Sleeplessness, Backache… How Team POPxo Fights It To Get Fit!

Sleeplessness, Backache… How Team POPxo Fights It To Get Fit!
At the POPxo headquarters, health and fitness come first (most times!). We do have moments where we’ve had one cupcake too many and we complain about looking bloated. But on most days, we believe in bringing our A-game to work. So when Fitbit approached us with a chance to monitor our progress, we were more than happy to oblige. Here, two POPxo staffers bring you their flab-to-fit stories and how they beat all odds to get the body they’ve always wanted.

1.  “I would get massive back pain and I had to change my entire fitness regime” - Aarushie Aks Bali, Graphic Designer

I was never a regular when it came to working out. My gym schedule depended on my mood because I was blessed with good metabolism. However, I started getting severe back ache about two years ago. I was advised to steer clear of the gym and any sort of cardio workouts that strain my lower back. It came to me as a big relief because my cardio routine had just started becoming boring and I went from loving the gym, to coming up with excuses to avoid working out. I resorted to lifting weights and performing strengthening exercises instead. how to get fit I have been focussing on strengthening my muscles and toning my body for a little over two years now. And I’ve been motivated on and off. However, all this was until I bought the new Fitbit Blaze. When you can track your activity (even weights!) and check the calories you’ve burnt and the time you’ve spent working out, it can really be the push you need to perform better. It helps keep track of my calories even with a new routine. Now, I have a constant habit of checking my steps, how many calories I’m burning and what movement increases my heart rate.

2.  “I had trouble sleeping at night. It took me a change in lifestyle to fix it!” - Apurva Lama, Fashion Editor

A few months back, I had a lot of trouble sleeping- even when I was exhausted to the core, I just couldn’t sleep peacefully and it was affecting my health, skin and of course, my work. I tried joining the gym thinking that my sleep would be back on track if I exercised regularly. It didn’t help and I was only left feeling utterly disappointed. how to get fit I recently turned to Yoga, after a friend strongly recommended a daily dose of it, and it has worked wonders. Not just my physical health, even my mental health has seen a lot of improvement. Yoga has helped me bring a balance to my body and the way it functions. I practice it every morning and it leaves me feeling alive and peaceful everyday. This reflects on my sleep which in turn makes my days better. Fitbit has helped me track the amount of sleep I get every night and it also helps me keep a track of my calories, which always helps. Afterall, fitness is 80% consistency, discipline, the right nutrition and Fitbit has helped me do just that. I keep recommending this device to everyone! * This is a sponsored post for Fitbit. Buy your Fitbit Blaze here.