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9 Styling Tricks To Make Your Figure Look More Curvy!

In the world of fashion, you have multiple styles and silhouettes to choose from - especially if you want to go that extra mile to enhance your curves. Let’s just get the basics right - any style that extends a little outside the body’s natural lines will create an illusion of a curvier body. Thus pick and choose wisely and flaunt those curves like a queen!

1. A-Line Aesthetics!

1 how to dress if you have a straight body type

Anything that snuggly fits on the narrower part of the waist and flares out in the shape of the alphabet “A” is an A-line style. This consists of everything from a skater skirt to a full length maxi dress that flares out at the hemlines. This draws attention outside the body lines making one look curvaceous.

2. Colour Blocking Trick!

2 how to dress if you have a straight body type

Colours play an important role in making your body look a certain way. Anything that is dual toned, like a two-colour vertical panelled dress, or wearing two different tones on top and bottom will do the magic. This way the focus is on the main element of the outfit, which is the hue, and the contrasting colours will create an illusion of a curvy you.

3. Peplum Power!

3 how to dress if you have a straight body type

Peplum is that structured style that can immediately revolutionize your look. It fits perfectly on your waist and then flares out, making you look curvy and fab. Combine peplum tops with high-waisted pants or pencil skirts. Trust us, they are like instant noodles - you’ll see the result in two minutes.

4. Extended Shoulders!

4 how to dress if you have a straight body type

Anything to make the body look more sharp. Power sleeves, puffed sleeves, slightly extended shoulders. All of these add some fab curves to your frame. For a person with a straight body type, a desirable feature is to draw the lines outside the regular shape. This tiny extension can work wonders.

5. Flared Silhouettes!

5 how to dress if you have a straight body type

Flared pants, bell-bottoms, wide-legged palazzos - all of these will make the person wearing it look curvier. The idea is to cinch the waist and work from there. This way you have the liberty to experiment with styles that exaggerate your natural body lines.

6. Cropped Topped!

6 how to dress if you have a straight body type

Crop Tops that are slightly fitted look great on straight body types. Considering the fact that the waist, shoulders and hips are proportionate, there is something striking about this design and showing off the waist is the best way you can accentuate your curves!

7. Surface Details!

7 how to dress if you have a straight body type

Ruffles, pleats and gathers on clothes work best for girls with a straight body type. These are surface elements that don’t stick to the body and therefor don’t define the shape prominently. They are playful in nature and stand out as a feature in themselves. They are best for this body type when combined with outfits that otherwise stick to the body.

8. Slay With The Layers!

8 how to dress if you have a straight body type

Layers break the unification of outfits. For a simple fitted jumpsuit - throw a jacket on top, for a dress that is bodycon - put on a cropped jacket or a blazer. This will definitely give you an edge when you are looking to dress to break the stereotypes of a straight body type!

9. The Bra Story!

9 how to dress if you have a straight body type

Push ups, halters, balconette bras - anything to give your breasts a little lift. This will reflect on the outfit that you wear. Bras can make you look curvaceous by just giving your breasts the right kind of lift. This is the most important item when you are trying to look curvy.

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Published on Jun 28, 2016
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