#HeSays: 7 Things Girls Do That, Um, Kinda Kill The Mood! | POPxo

#HeSays: 7 Things Girls Do That, Um, Kinda Kill The Mood!

#HeSays: 7 Things Girls Do That, Um, Kinda Kill The Mood!
Now, we'll be honest. There's not too much out there that women can do that would totally kill the mood for sex. But there are some things for sure… We wish it weren't true, ladies, but here are a few!

1. Bringing up an ex

This one's obvious. Talking about exes is rarely pleasant, but when we're trying to have enjoy sexy time and suddenly you girls bring up an ex of yours - or even ours - it's like cold water being poured on our heads.

2. Being a bit too…passive

Everyone has off days, sure. We totally understand that and are more than willing to do most of the work in those situations. But we need some reaction still, some encouragement. If you're ready to doze off while we're only just trying to get started… Oh, well.

2 how girls kill the mood

3. Not letting us see you

You're beautiful. And we don't get all our thrills just from contact with your body, but from what we see of it too! Taking off your clothes, seeing you naked… That's a privilege and we hate for that to be kept from us.

4. "No, you're doing it all wrong!"

We're only human, so, yes, of course we make some mistakes. But please be gentle with us and don't scold us so bad that we get reminded of our 8th grade Maths teacher - not sexy at all.

4 how girls kill the mood

5. Too many rules

Magazines and the internet have made up way too many rules for you women to follow these day. If you don't want to do things a certain way - then just say that that's what you want, and not that Cosmo said you can't do that!

6. And too much teeth

Ehm. Yes, so a nibble here and there is all fun and stuff, but when you go all Vampire-y on our sensitive bits, we want to just curl up and hide like a turtle.

6 how girls kill the mood


Now, this is pretty annoying anyway when we're talking to you, but when you start texting while we're doing stuff to you? Dude. What. Seriously?! We've dealt with a lot in our lives, but being angry or jealous of a phone has been a seriously low point we never imagined we would be at.

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