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From Foreplay To Orgasm: How Bollywood “Shows” Sex!!

From Foreplay To Orgasm: How Bollywood “Shows” Sex!!
If our society goes shush on all things remotely associated with sex, then Bollywood only exaggerates this sentiment even further. It goes out of its way to explain to us that the couple is indeed having sex, without even showing them on screen. Imagine that! How do they achieve this crazy feat? Like this:

How Bollywood shows a couple is about to have sex:

1. There is a girl who is heaving and panting…

Like she just ran a marathon. And what prompts this heavy breathing? The mere touch of her guy. Of course this passion has to translate into sex.

1 bollywood deals with sex

2. And she is (preferably) wearing a red saree…

To leave no room for any doubt that she is dressed like the siren herself, to seduce him into having sex.

3. Enter *A glass of milk*

This magical concoction of milk and sugar will boost his stamina to play all night long. Yes, they’re so gonna have sex.

3 bollywood deals with sex

4. And, lights go off!

Cut to the morning after. You can safely assume that in the dark, the couple made out.

How Bollywood shows a couple is having sex, right now!

1. There is thunder and lightening in the sky...

Pointing at the thunder like noises and lightning fast attacks being made in the bedroom. What a literal way of showing passionate love making.

2. And, flowers start shivering in the rain

‘Coz they are delicate, feminine, virginal creatures who shiver at touch - just like Bollywood heroines.

2 bollywood deals with sex

3. Toes meet each other from under the bedsheet

Naked toes wrapped around each other, alternatively going up and down... Hmm, that’s sex for sure.

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4. And then there is the glorified suhagrat, where the virginal bride’s ghoonghat is unveiled

… Cut to the bed shaking like crazy. Because that’s what happens when you have sex - he rocks your world, along with your bed. Right.

4 bollywood deals with sex

How Bollywood shows you have had sex, the morning after

1.There is a trail of clothes, from his shirt to her bra, leading up to the bed

As evidence of two naked bodies having jumped together into bed.

2. And there’s the messy bedsheet…

Preferably with the girl lying under it, slightly and carefully dishevelled. What more proof can one need of the fun that last night was.

2 bollywood deals with sex

3. If all else fails, the girl walks in his shirt… And nothing else. Oooh!!

And that’s just the ultimate way of saying she had sex last night… And that’s as much skin as you’ll get to see!

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