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7 Questions Every Bride Has About Lehenga Shopping - Answered!

7 Questions Every Bride Has About Lehenga Shopping - Answered!
Shaadi ka lehenga… the one wedding purchase that takes up most of your time and effort. After all, you want only the best for yourself and with that comes a whole lot of confusion! To sort you out, even if just a little bit, here are your most common wedding lehenga questions… and their answers!

1. How long before the wedding should I begin my search?

Ideally, the search for your lehenga should begin at least 6 months before the wedding functions. This is especially essential if you want a customized lehenga. If you do not have a lot of time in hand, consider a ready-made outfit that can get altered to your size.

1 common wedding lehenga questions

2. What are the first places to start looking for the bridal lehenga?

It’s always a good idea to start with wedding exhibitions. They usually have a great mix of wedding vendors - high end designers, local boutiques, new artisans etc. You’ll be able to get an idea of the trends and price points post which you can personally visit the exhibitors along with the famous wedding stores of your city.

3. I do not want to wear red. What other colours can I choose from?

Pastels are huge this season and a great option for the bride who wants to let go of red. They look good all around the year and you can accessorize them depending on how heavy or subtle you want your look to be. For more colour options, check out these brides who wore the prettiest lehengas that are not the typical pink or red!

4. What are the things I should pay close attention to during the fittings?

Always remember to carry the wedding day heels along when you go for fittings. They are essential to get the right length of the lehenga. Also, do keep in mind that the ceremony will require you to bend quite a bit so it’s always better to go in for a neckline that you will be comfortable in.

So bend over, move your arms fully up and down (to check the blouse fitting), walk around with the heels and lehenga on to see if the weight and can-can are perfect for you, pin the odhni to your head to see if you will be able to bear it’s weight for 8 hours.

4 common wedding lehenga questions

5. Why do people say that one must buy the wedding jewellery before the lehenga?

This is true in case of real jewellery since a sone ka haar or a polki set would cost a lot more than the lehenga. And it’s always better to buy the more expensive thing first so you can match the lehenga to it and not the other way round. If you’re planning to wear imitation or semi precious stones, you have the liberty of picking up your lehenga first.

6. I am trying to lose weight for the big day. How do I go about the lehenga fittings then?

Whether you’re going in for a ready-made piece or a customized lehenga, do make sure there is enough margin in the lehenga for last minute alterations. Besides that, as and when you go for your first round of measurements do ask the vendor to stitch the piece in your current size. It can always be altered later.

7. Can you suggest some flattering lehenga styles for the curvy bride?

Your neckline and blouse sleeves can make a whole lot of difference to your overall appearance. Opt for sweetheart necklines and longer sleeves. Also, you can ditch the typical short cholis for structured jackets that end mid-waist or pair your lehenga with an elaborate kurti. You also have the option of pairing a high-waisted lehenga with a crop-top style choli. And if that’s not enough, here are some more expert styling tips!

7 common wedding lehenga questions

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