Sunday Shorts: 3 Heartwarming Tales About Long Distance Love

Sunday Shorts: 3 Heartwarming Tales About Long Distance Love

1. The Wish

“Happy Birthday love!” he said, placing a small candle lit cupcake in front of her.

“Make a wish!”

She smiled and blew the candle, resting on a twin cupcake on her side of the skype-screen.

“I wish that day would come soon, when I can kiss you goodnight, instead of waving you goodbye.”

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2. Here Without You

He wasn't great with words, so he would just send me songs instead. Some I listened to, a few I didn't. He often chided me for not caring enough to listen through the whole thing, and I would just make up some excuse.

That one day though, I went out clubbing - and all those couples dancing slowly made me miss him terribly. He was so far away, it almost made me cry.

Right then, this tune started playing... It sounded just so familiar and yet I couldn’t place it, till I realized that it was the song he had sent me the first night he went away, one year ago.

And that night, I danced to his words, when I couldn’t dance with him.

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3. The Christmas Present

It was the first time he was away for Christmas. While I tried to put on a happy face, I couldn't help but feel numb from within. I missed him terribly, but, I also knew how important nailing that job interview was for him.

On 25th morning, while everyone exchanged presents, hugs and kisses, his brother handed over a tiny parcel to me. It was sealed and said "Only open on Christmas" in bold. I quickly ran upstairs, went into my room and locked myself in. While I carefully opened the cardboard box, a tiny box fell to the ground. I slowly opened the box only to find a small gold pendant. It had both our initials engraved at the back. A note followed after and it read, "I may not be with you for Christmas, but I'll always be close to your heart whenever you miss me." The pendant is a symbol of our love I'll always cherish.  

3 long distance relationships

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