6 Gorgeous Eyeliner Styles To Steal From Sonam Kapoor!

6 Gorgeous Eyeliner Styles To Steal From Sonam Kapoor!
Not only does she give us oodles of inspiration with her avant-garde sartorial choices, but her makeup styles have been particularly trend-setting too. B-Town’s undisputed queen of all things stylish and glam, Sonam Kapoor has definitely been slaying with her eyeliner game of late. And the best part is, these makeup moves are pretty simple and can be achieved by anyone. We give you some gorgeous eyeliner styles to steal from Sonam Kapoor. Get ready to say goodbye to your boring black kajal!

1. Smells Like Summer

1 eyeliner styles to steal from Sonam Kapoor

This is one of our fave looks. The colour combination screams summer fun.

Step 1: Simply glide on a pink liner (Sonam’s makeup artist used a lip liner on her eyes) from your tear ducts and finish off as flicks.

Step 2: Add a dash of yellow to the inner corners of your lower lashes and finish off with generous coats of mascara.

Pair it with pretty pink lips and rosy cheeks for a look that is sure to wow!

2. Peaches And Pink

2 eyeliner styles to steal from Sonam Kapoor

This one is another stunning look to recreate when you really feel like stealing the show. It’s always a good idea to have an eyeshadow palette handy so you have every shade in one place. We love the Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette (Rs. 1,350).

Step 1: Start by sweeping on gold shadow from the inner corners of your eye, going all the way up to the brows, and stop at the center of your lids.

Step 2: Carry on with a peach shadow from the center to the outer corners and then blend in a dash of pink at the edge.

Step 3: Sweep peach shadow along the lower lashline.

Step 4: Faintly line the lower lash line with a soft brown pencil and end it in a wing. (You can do this with brown eye shadow if you don’t have an eye pencil). Finish off with mascara.

3. A Glitzy Affair

3 eyeliner styles to steal from Sonam Kapoor

We’re loving this gold on gold (shadow + liner) look for some extra glam. Perfect for a night out or a wedding function.

Step 1: Sweep on gold eye shadow all over your lid, up till your crease.

Step 2: Blend in brown shadow towards the outer corners.

Step 3: Extend the gold shadow across your lower lashline.

Step 4: Line your lids with a gold eye pencil and your lower lashline with kajal. Don’t forget the mascara!

4. Desi Elegance

4 eyeliner styles to steal from Sonam Kapoor

Another great gold look, this one is more subtle with a regal elegance to it. It would definitely be our go-to for any desi look. Doesn’t it look perfect with those jhumkis?

Step 1: Brush on a dull gold shadow across your lids.

Step 2: Take a kohl pencil and line only half your lids, starting from the center and ending in wings.

Step 3: Line the outer edge of your lower lashline as well.

Step 4: Now smudge the kohl gently with a brush for a slight smoky effect before applying mascara.

Pink Banner

5. Geometric Magic

5 eyeliner styles to steal from Sonam Kapoor

Give those ordinary, thin lines a break and stir things up in your eyeliner game.

Step 1: Dust on nude eyeshadow for a polished edge.

Step 2: Starting from the center of your lid, draw a thick line ending in a thick flick at the edge.

Step 3: Extend the flick across the lower lash line, but line it only till the center. Finish off with mascara

6. Green Queen

6 eyeliner styles to steal from Sonam Kapoor

Make others green with envy with this show-stopping look that will help you stun like never before.

Step 1: Start by lining the inner corners with a glittery gold eyeliner.

Step 2: Extend the line with a green eyeliner on the top and bottom, don’t be afraid to go super thick. Finish off with flicks at the edge.

Step 3: Add generous coats of mascara.

If you like, try a subtler version of the look with thinner lines, instead of going super thick.

Images: Namrata Soni on Instagram

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