3 Awesome Foundation Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!

3 Awesome Foundation Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!
Did you know that there are multiple ways to use a foundation?! If no, then, this video is for you! These three tiny hacks will not only help you get that flawless look , but you will also discover which shade compliments your skin tone the best!

What You Will Need : Foundation, moisturiser, beauty blender, lipstick, pocket mirror, makeup brush.

Difficulty Level: Easier than clipping your fingernails. :)

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#Hack 1: How to avoid looking cakey

Are you one of those girls who likes to have a natural and weightless finish of foundation on your face?! If that’s a nod, you must know of this popular hack!

Step 1: Pour a bit of foundation on the back of your hand, and mix it with a moisturiser.

Step 2: Using your fingertips, gently apply it over your face.

Step 3: Use a beauty blender to dab the product into your skin to give it a flawless look.

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#Hack 2: Foundation for your lips?!

Have you noticed that when you buy a particular lipcolor, it looks different on the packaging and different when you apply it? That’s because, just like your face, your lips too need a base.

Step 1: Take some foundation on your brush and apply it on your lips.

Step 2: Once that’s done, go ahead and apply your favourite shade of lipstick.

1..2..3.. Pout!

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#Hack 3: How to choose the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone

It’s one of the most popular queries we’ve had for the longest time. How to find the right shade of foundation that suits your skin tone perfectly. Here’s how!

Step 1:  Using a makeup brush, apply 2-3 shades of foundation on your jawline.

Step 2: Blend all 3 colours by using just your fingertips.

Step 3: Whatever shade blends the best with your skin tone, that’s the perfect one for you! Good luck. :)

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