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Pehle Aap! 14 Phrases You’ll *Really* Get If You’re From Lucknow

Pehle Aap! 14 Phrases You’ll *Really* Get If You’re From Lucknow
We’ve all heard about Lakhnavi tehzeeb. But the language of Lucknow is not just polite and graceful, it is so much more! Here are 13 words and phrases that only people from Lucknow will get. Muskuraaiye ki aap ye list padh rahe hain :)

1. “Pehle Aap”

It actually happens here, unless you’re at Aminabad.

2. “Amma Yar!”

You won’t hear this exclamation of exasperation being used anywhere else in India!

2 phrases from lucknow

3. “Shukriya”

This beautiful way of saying ‘thank you’ in Urdu is very common in Lucknow.

4. “Aap Zara Aukaat Mein Rahiye”

Because even when we threaten people, we’re extremely polite about it.

4 phrases from lucknow

5. “Bhai, Tunday Vaapis Le Aana”

The only request that our friends have for us every time we go back home.

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6. “Bhaukaal”

As in, how powerful or influential you are (which, honestly, everybody in Lucknow seems to be)

6 phrases from lucknow

7. “Open Fete At LC!”

The ONE day where boys are allowed inside the hallowed grounds of Loreto Convent.

8. “Cheekat” or “Khatik”

We’re pretty sure the girls of Lucknow use these two words more than any other, thanks to our Roadside Romeos.

8 phrases from lucknow

9. “Kantaap” or “Tamaacha”

Our very own slangs for a slap.

10. “Hum”

No, we’re not referring to multiple people. We just like using the royal “we” to refer to our own self.10 phrases from lucknow

11. “Tafri”

What we do when school gets out.

12. “Bhaiyya, Toote Dena”

While the rest of India uses ‘chutta’ for loose change, we say ‘toota’.

12 phrases from lucknow

13. “Jaahil Insaan”

As in, a stupid or ignorant person.

14. “Ekdum Vaahiyat”

Very bad. Useless. Not good.

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