6 Super Fun Ways To Have Sex In The Summer!

6 Super Fun Ways To Have Sex In The Summer!

It’s time to make these scorching and sticky months much more interesting with a few sizzling ways to make summer sex even hotter. We help you get the temperature as high between the sheets as it is outside. Are you ready for the hottest summer of your life? ;)

1. Splash Around

Find an empty pool and go skinny-dipping with your man. You both will have a blast splashing around and with some hands-on foreplay, of course. Sex in the water can be a bit tricky but definitely an experience to check off your naughty bucket list. The water can wash away any natural lubrication so try a silicon-based lube, if you like. 1 make sex hotter Also read: How To Have Amazing Sex When You’re On Top – 8 Simple Tips!

2. A Saucy Bubble Bath

If you don’t have access to a pool, you can always just take a saucy bubble bath in the bathtub to stir things up in this balmy weather. A few candles, a bottle of wine and the two of you scrubbing each other off in the tub. We don’t need to tell you where this is going…

3. Ice, Ice Baby

Add some kink to your sex life by using hot and cold sensations to drive each other wild. Run an ice cube along each other’s skin to stimulate your nerve endings, go over the same areas then with your mouth. The cold from the ice and the warmth of your mouth can totally drive each other wild. You can also lick ice cream off each other for a delicious and unbelievably arousing experience. 3 make sex hotter Also read: 8 Things Every Girl Should Know About Receiving Oral Sex!!

4.  Pop A Mint

Help him cool down after a super hot day with this awesome trick. Suck on a mint before going down on him. The menthol will definitely make him tingle with toe-curling pleasure!

5. Turn Off The AC

No, we’re not crazy! Ditch the air conditioning one night for a super sweaty romp in the sack. Slick bodies and salty kisses will only add to the mind-blowing intensity of your pleasurable heat wave. 5 make sex hotter Also read: Why Morning Sex Might Just Be The Best Thing Ever! *Wink*

6. An Afternoon Of Dirty Cocktails

Sunday afternoons are perfect for some refreshing cocktails. Sip on a Dirty Martini or Sex on the Beach together. Tipsy sex can be super fun, carefree and help you loosen up and lower your inhibitions. Images: Giphy, Tumblr, Shutterstock