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8 Little Arguments EVERY Girl Has With Her Fiance (Don’t Worry)

8 Little Arguments EVERY Girl Has With Her Fiance (Don’t Worry)
If you are already engaged then you are totally ready for the big commitment. While you are basking in the love and romance of the engagement period, there is always that occasional little fight that can ruffle the peace between your future hubby and you. It can be anything from wedding planning differences to family related issues. Just so that you are prepared, here are a list of those teeny little arguments that a girl might have with her fiance:

1. "He Only Listens To What His Family Says"

Oops! These are choppy waters to navigate for any new future bride. If your fiance swears by his family and their opinions become his ultimate decision, things can get a little difficult between the two of you. Planning a wedding is tough business, of course, and family advice is not only welcome but actually needed. But, at the end of the day, reaching a consensus is necessary for the two people involved and listening only to the family on either side is not going to solve anything, especially after the wedding.

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2. "He Shows No Involvement At All"

Do you feel like you are doing all the wedding planning single-handedly? Are you feeling a little let down as you juggle the wedding schedule while he has taken a day off with his buddies to catch a football game? Men and women are conditioned to prioritize differently and sometimes that becomes very apparent in how they approach the big events in life. If you are feeling frustrated with his lack of involvement, instead of lashing out, sit him down and give him the much needed talk.

3. "Did He Really Invite His Ex To Our Wedding? How Could He?!"

Uh oh, recipe for disaster. No ex-es at the wedding from either side unless you have been friends for way, way longer than the time period you dated. We are talking dating a few months then friends for five-six years after. Even then one has to be careful. Nobody wants their wedding to turn into a theater fest. But there are exceptions to every rule, of course. It all depends on the understanding you have between your fiance and you and the situation.

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4. "He Thinks I Am Turning Into A Bridezilla! How Dare He!"

Well, this is the worst thing that anyone can say to a future bride who’s tottering on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Fights, tears and drama will ensue, no doubt. But if he has said it then maybe it’s time to watch out for the tell-tale signs. Wedding stress is real and many girls feel that unless they control every aspect of the preparation it’s going to all fall apart. It might be a bit of a shocker for your man to see a controlling, overbearing side of someone he only knows as sweet and loving. Reign in that control freak a little, maybe, and let the fun take its course.

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5. "It’s Like He Wants His Entire College Batch On The Baraati List!"

The list of baraatis is a delicate point as it involves the bride's family hosting the groom's friends and family. The list will have a fair share of his family, including a few of his friends. If it is an off-station wedding, the bride's family not only hosts the baraatis but also manages their pick up and drops from the airport/railway station to the wedding venue and accommodation.

Keeping this in mind, the groom has to be in regular communication with the bride regarding any additions or subtractions to this list. If your beau is planning on getting his whole gang, plus many others, he'll have some major explaining to do. Another solution could be to split the wedding costs, or at least some portions of it. Many young brides and grooms realise how unfair the traditional arrangement is to the bride’s family, and offer to either pitch in themselves or divide the expenditure.

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6. "He Wants A Small Affair But I Want A Big Bash"

The size of the wedding may be one of the first differences you have. For a girl, a wedding is a huge, life changing event that needs to be celebrated in a big way. For some men though, it is also big but in a more internal sort of way. The scale of the wedding may differ according to individual preference and this may lead to some fireworks. But relax, girls. Talk it out and decide on the scale and functions that you both agree upon.

7. Money Differences

Deciding on who will spend on what during the wedding might lead to some minor altercations. Weddings entail a lot of expenses and obviously one needs to be sorted about individual expenditures to avoid any financial misunderstanding.

7 Fights with fiance

8. "He Likes The Mountains, I LOVE The Beach"

Honeymoon planning can lead to some little fights. The mountain vs beach tug of war is eternal and has been the topic of debate between many future honeymooners. Fight it out, we say, but in a sportsmanlike way and let the best person win. Weigh in your activity, budget and time constraints, and let the best person win!

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