feelings we should have a word for

Taking Off Your Bra & 9 Other Feelings That NEED A Name!

Sakshi Budhraja

Junior Beauty Editor

The English language has umpteen words, and sometimes one word can have more than one meaning! Yet, there are certain feelings that are so widely experienced that it calls for the language lords to come up with a word for them. Here are some of those feelings…

1. The feeling when you take off your bra after a long day.

Liberation from boob jail!

1 feelings we should have a word for

2. The feeling when your food finally arrives.

Come to mamma!

3. The feeling when you’re careless enough to send a text to the wrong person.

Oh boy! The controversies that will follow. Ugh!

3 feelings we should have a word for

4. The feeling when you need to pee real bad and finally get to use the washroom…

Can’t think of anything more relieving than that, can you?

BannerYellow 500px (1)

5. The feeling when you finally start to move after being stuck in a 3-hour jam.

High time, isn’t it?! *rolls eyes *

5 feelings we should have a word for

6. The feeling when you finally jump into bed after a long, hectic day or after returning from a mad party.

There’s nothing in life I love more than you, dear bed. *heart emoticon *

7. The anxiety you feel when the waxing lady is about to pull the strip and you squeeze your eyes in anticipation of the pain.

How stressful can life be?!

7 feelings we should have a word for

8. The helpless feeling when you stay up late into the night worrying about all your life's responsibilities and happenings.

And how your world comes crashing down.

9. The feeling when the most beautiful scenery surrounds you.

You could turn into a poet seeing all that natural beauty around you!

9 feelings we should have a word for

10. The feeling when you finally get your hands on the movie/ book you’ve been waiting for, for months.

And that’ll be your most precious possession for quite some time now.

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Published on Jun 17, 2016
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