7 *Amazing* Fashion Tips For Your Wedding Night!

7 *Amazing* Fashion Tips For Your Wedding Night!
The ceremonies are over, it was a long day and along with being overwhelmed with emotions, you also have to think about the wedding night! You and your husband are finally getting some alone time and you want it to be smooth, effortless and fun. Here are some fashion tips that’ll make life simple for you on the wedding night!

1. Easiest Ways To Remove All That Jewellery!

fashion tips for the wedding night

Now that it’s finally time to get rid of all the jewellery, make sure to not hurt yourself in the process! Carry some Vaseline or cream handy so that you can remove the bangles easily. For the rest of the jewellery pieces, do moisturize your skin after you take them off so that you don’t leave behind any rashes or bruises.

2. Get Rid Of All The Safety Pins

You are adorned with hundreds of safety pins to keep your outfit in place. Make sure to remove the majority of them that hold the outfit in place! It’s time consuming but needs to be done to not ruin your outfit forever! You might want to reuse or modify it in the future. You did spend a bomb on it!

3. Don’t Forget To Remove The Outfit With Care!

fashion tips for the wedding nightThe heavily embellished clothes need to be removed with care as the embroidered and sequinned surface will get entangled and you won’t be able to use it again. Remember to keep things in one place, instead of it letting them remain on the floor. We know you are hastily trying to get it all off but do keep in mind that it’s something you might want to re-use in the future.

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4. Change Into Sexy Lingerie, It’s THE Night After All!

We know you are tired, but do go that extra mile to slip into something sexy, throw away the underwear you were wearing through the day, and put on that sexy babydoll or even just a lacy bra. Tantalize him and trust us, you’ll get in the mood once you’re dressed for it!

5. Make Sure To Pack Some Silky PJs Too!

fashion tips for the wedding night

Along with a sexy lingerie set, don’t forget to carry a comfortable yet sexy silk pajamas and top or even shorts for that matter. After all the action, you definitely want to slip into something that you can get good sleep in! Silk is luxurious and befitting a new bride. We want you to feel like one!

6. Keep A Silk Robe Too!

Add an extra spark by slipping into a silk robe along with the lingerie. You could get into this right after you remove the clothes, while you are getting rid of all the makeup. This will set the mood and he’ll not want to stay away, but the curiosity will keep building up leading to an exciting climax!

7. Pack A Bag For The Next Morning Too!

fashion tips for the wedding night

Something we don’t even think about considering we are so excited about the night itself. But pack some extra bras and panties, and a set of clothes to wear the next morning. After a night full of fun, you’d better be prepared the next morning!

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